How to Speed Up Your Windows PC for Gaming

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Lillie Mcguire
Posted on July 18, 2016 at 12:07pm

As a gaming enthusiast you no doubt keep an eye on the latest hardware and software in order to ensure your machine performs at its optimum. Windows 10 has been lauded as the best Microsoft OS for gaming to date and it’s certainly made a difference to plenty of users’ experience. However, when installing the new Windows upgrade you may be slightly disappointed that the difference in speed isn’t quite as dramatic as you hoped, but this can be rectified. There are several things you can do to instantly speed up your PC, even if you are utilising older hardware and running new software. If you implement these changes your PC will run faster and games shouldn’t lag or stutter. With optimised settings, you can ensure that when you play real money slots there is no interruption, games don’t crash and your computer is able to cope with the requirements with ease.

Remove All Extra Programs

Often when you install hardware or buy a new PC, a lot of extra programs, apps or software is included, and it’s unlikely you will need all of them. Some of these programs run in the background all the time and can take up extra operating space. In order to remove programs you don’t need, simply click on the Start button and then click on All Apps. You will see all the apps on your PC, and by right clicking on the ones you don’t want, you will be given an option to uninstall. Don’t worry about uninstalling apps necessary for the running of the computer, the system will always warn you first.

Check for Viruses, Spyware and Malware

Windows 10 comes with its own malware program called Windows Defender. You can access it by clicking on the Start Menu, then typing Defender in the search box. Simply click Scan Now and the program will run and remove any malware. If you would like to use an independent program, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a great third party virus scanner. The free version will allow you to scan manually, but if you purchase it, it will regularly scan and clean up your PC, making manual trouble shooting unnecessary.

Use the Windows Performance Monitor

We often don’t realise how much different programs can affect disc space on a PC. Windows has a useful performance monitor that allows you to visualise all the active programs running. To use this feature, click in the start function and type perfmon /report into the search bar. The program will launch and once complete, it will provide a detailed report on everything running on your PC, including any warnings about problem areas, and suggested ways to fix them.

Clean up Disc Space

If you have had your PC for a while you may be surprised at how much data gets stored that you aren’t aware of. You can quite easily get rid of data by cleaning up your disc space using the Disk Cleanup tool. Simply click on the Start menu, type ‘cleanup’ in the search bar and click on the icon when it appears in the results. The program will run and let you know how many files, fragments of files or downloads are sitting in various locations on your computer. It will give you the option to remove all of them at once, and you may find this dramatically improves your PC’s speed. There are still more ways to speed up your PC for gaming such as investing in an SSD, defragging, re-setting and re-installing, but by doing one, or all of the above you’ll be well on your way to a glitch free gaming experience.