Keeping Age at Bay the Exercise Way

Keeping Age at Bay the Exercise Way

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on August 27, 2018 at 12:08pm

You probably fit into one of three categories. The first kind hits the gym on an almost daily basis, lifts weights, yells in triumph when benching double their body weight and probably owns at least three muscle shirts. The second hits the yoga mat, can pull off side-planks like a pro and enjoys a cup of strawberry infused water after the workout. The third says bugger all that nonsense, and settles down for some fun at an online casino, while sipping beer. We don’t judge either way and life is after all, all about balance. You can do things in moderation too. But, assuming you fall into the first two categories, how sure are you that the exercise you’re doing is really the correct choice for a healthy body? Yes, you’re probably thinking that all exercise is good, and you’d be right, but different forms of fitness vary in their manifestation. Which is to say; an ageing body requires the correct sort of workout in order to stay healthy and fit longer.

Overall Body Strengthening

Let’s all just face facts; the older we get, the more fragile our body becomes. This is a harsh reality, but also one that happens to be undeniable. Why is this important? Because lifting weights five times a week, although indeed a step in the right direction, is not necessarily the best way to counteract the inevitable ageing process. This comes from a report released by Public Health England. According to the PHE, just about everyone knows that aerobic workouts are good for maintaining a healthy heart and lungs. But less well known is the need to do activities that specifically help the body stay strong and firm, as the years tick on. It’s about strong muscle and bone, the report says. So what exercises are best for making sure that your bones stay solid and don’t give out at the first sign of a slippery bathtub?

Body Strengthening Workouts

According to the PHE these are some of the activities that should be looked at to help the body get old without falling to pieces. Ball games are top of the list, including football, and volleyball. Next best is racket sports, such as tennis. Dancing is also great, although there is no specific mention if belly dancing makes the grade. It probably does. Nordic walking is mentioned, which is walking with poles. Plus resistance training is also a good choice. Also worthwhile is Tai Chi and yoga, as well as cycling. So if you’re into any of the above, you should be doing okay, and have a strong enough body to make fun of the others when age eventually starts putting you and your friends into white hair territory. Although, best keep in mind that you should be getting busy with these activities at least twice a week. The PHE pointed at that, according to their research, only one in three men, and as few as one in four women, are meeting this requirement.

How Much Exercise Is Needed?

But let’s be a bit more specific about the requirements, so that no one can claim they didn’t start, because they didn’t know the right amount to do. It is recommended that an adult do at least 150 minutes of heart rate increasing exercise on a weekly basis. That’s the running, ball sports and other such things. The muscle and bone strengthening activities should be done, as already said, twice a week. Or more, if you want to get ahead of the game. Now you have no excuses to not get started. It’s also never too late to start, if that was your other excuse. Good luck, and don’t forget to hydrate!