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In this online casino bonus guide we turn our attention to loyalty programs. They are an often-overlooked aspect of casinos, with most players tending to pay more attention to the Welcome Bonus. But a shrewd iGaming enthusiast knows that the loyalty and VIP programs are often far more important.

It is first important to understand how a loyalty program works. The idea is simple; the more time a player spends at a site, the more they are rewarded. Systems generally work on a point basis, with points granted for activity on the site. Actions like deposits and playing games earn points, with prizes being awarded as the total number accumulates. Hence, the player is rewarded for simply being at the site and enjoying themselves.

We’ll look at what makes a loyalty program particularly special in this online casino bonus guide.

Quality And Frequency Of Prizes

Of course, the lure of loyalty programs is the prizes. But the simple fact of the matter is that not all reward systems are equal. In a best-case scenario, the value of the reward will increase, depending on the level of points gathered. The higher the total, the better the prizes should be. Those that are particularly loyal should be recognised as such and rewarded accordingly.

The top tier prizes should be impressive. Some sites go as far as to offer the most active players holidays, overseas trips, and even sports cars. If a site isn’t offering rewards of this sort, perhaps there is a better option elsewhere.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that low tier prizes shouldn’t also be attractive. Bonus Cash and Free Spins are the standard, as mentioned in other online casino bonus guide entries. But how much Bonus Cash each casino gives, and at which tier, is what sets sites apart.

Above And Beyond

Of course, a good loyalty program won’t be just about pushing players to be more active. Prizes and rewards can also be given just to show appreciation. For example, some casinos will give a special prize on a player’s birthday. This serves to make a player feel valued and is the sort of thoughtfulness that makes a casino stand apart. Additionally, Free Spins on Christmas or Easter are equally as thoughtful.

It really comes down to how much a casino is making players feel valued. The idea should be, after all, to reward the most players, not to keep them on an infinite hook.

Check out other online casino bonus guide entries to learn more about promotions at casinos.

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