Casino Software Giant Microgaming Gets ISO 14001

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Lillie Mcguire
Posted on June 09, 2020 at 3:06am

On World Environment Day 2020, Microgaming celebrated an important day in what has to be the best way possible. The leading casino software developer and industry pioneer on June 5 completed a successful International Organisation for Standardisation 14001 certification audit, whereby ISO 14001 certification is secured.  Needless to say, the company is thrilled at a mission superbly accomplished.

The International Organisation for Standardisation is, as the association’s name also suggests, the leading international standards authority. ISO audits are performed for a variety of world-markets, and ISO certification is regarded the one-industry standard the world over.

An ISO 14001 audit, i.e. the certification secured by Microgaming on World Environment Day, typically assesses a company’s impact on the environment. The assessment is based on a pre-set of list of guidelines and standardised criteria. Criteria include green-focused staff training, an environmentally friendly approach toward the management of waste, guidelines relating to the reporting and ongoing monitoring of managed performance and compliance, and ultimately, whether or not the company being assessed has managed to successfully implement a general earth-friendly approach in its day-to-day activities.

A Deserving Company

Microgaming has been actively involved in the casino industry ever since the internet made it possible for players to gamble online. This was as far back as 1994 – and the supplier has since proved itself a consistent and reliable force in the online gambling industry. But Microgaming’s commitment to quality extends much further than software development.

The casino industry giant has proved itself a mindful and environment-aware employer, even to the point of having created a full-time environmental and compliance officer position. And to say that Microgaming isn’t at all afraid to put its money where its mouth is, is probably a gross understatement.

Recent company investments in a greener way of doing business include investments made in enviro-friendly electric bikes, annual bus passes aimed at incentivising employees to make use of (free) public transport rather than travelling to the office in individual CO2-emitting vehicles, waste management systems incorporating ‘smart bins’, and even the replacement of non-biodegradable takeaway containers with earth-friendly alternatives.

The Focus Is People-First

Microgaming CEO John Coleman quite understandably enormously proud of what the casino software supplier has managed to achieve in terms of approaching business from a point of view that uplifts and empowers people but is at the same time also kind to earth’s environment.

Coleman recently released a heartfelt congratulatory statement to all Microgaming employees, commending the casino company’s work force on the contributions made to preserving the environment and the resultant securitisation of the coveted ISO certification.

According to Coleman, Microgaming’s corporate culture is one that is based on a “people-first” approach, and one that can be seen weaving like a golden thread all throughout everything the company does and achieves. Referring specifically to Microgaming’s PlayItForward initiative, Coleman spoke of how everything the industry giant has managed to achieve over the course of more than 3 decades, could ultimately be credited to people. People, said Coleman, not systems or money or profits, are Microgaming’s most valuable asset.

A Legacy Of Preservation

Microgaming has long been in the business of preservation, and not only of the environment. And so, it’s no surprise to see this in focus once again. The casino company’s PlayItForward initiative has since its inception in 2014, invested more than £1.8 million in charitable initiatives.

The initiative supports a wide variety of charitable initiatives and community upliftment projects on the Isle of Man.