Mobile casino boom predicted by Lucky Nugget

Mobile vs Desktop Users

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on February 25, 2013 at 12:02pm

We like to think of Lucky Nugget casino as one of the premier online casinos in Canada, we think so highly of it that we highly recommend them to anyone. Canadian players are a savvy bunch and Lucky Nugget combines all of their expectations and merges them to provide top-flight games, massive jackpots, superb services and all-round enjoyable experience.

We also respect their commitment to research and development and identifying trends and future trends in the online casino industry. The data collected from all of this market research serves Lucky Nugget well with this data forming the foundation upon which their expansion strategies are built. Not only do these studies benefit Lucky Nugget but they give an insight into the future of the Canadian online casino industry.

The latest bit of info coming out of Lucky Nugget is their projection that mobile casino gaming will be worth a mammoth $100 billion within the next 4 years. This growth is said to be due to the rush for casino operators to release the best mobile casino apps and websites ahead of the competition. Around 85% of the Canadian population owns a cell phone of some sort and over half of them own a smartphone. Lucky Nugget projects that of the 45% of people who own a smartphone, over 85% of them surf the net and download apps directly from their device.

It comes as no surprise to researchers that most of the downloaded apps are dedicated to gaming in one form or another, which correlates with global trends. The billions of dollars projected for the mobile gaming industry can be broken down and put into perspective when broken down further. Different countries have different mobile growth rates in terms of how man smartphones are in use and circulation. Canada is leading the pack in terms of smartphone ownership due to the natural evolution of mobile device use.

Once contracts expire and upgrades become available, more and more people will begin to own smartphones and numbers will grow exponentially and Lucky Nuggets 2017 projection seems more and more realistic. Presently there are still developing regions like Asia and Africa that haven’t yet developed a stellar demand for smartphones with WAP designated mobile phones dominating the mobile internet traffic airwaves. When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, Canada will still be responsible for a sizeable portion of the global predicted revenue which can only mean multinational casino operators will focus their promotional efforts on the region in the coming years.

World-renowned casinos like Platinum Play and All Slots already offer Canadians a fantastic mobile casino experience but some of our other recommended casino providers are still on their training wheels in the mobile market. Real money casino games are now available from Google Play as well as the AppStore which only means that with more competition in the market coming from casinos around the world, that can only mean that the mobile casino experience for users will improve with operators offering increasingly lucrative offers to draw players in.