Why Mobile Gaming and Mobile Casino is the future

Mobile Casinos

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on March 10, 2013 at 12:03pm

According to analysts, the future of online gambling is in the mobile arena which by 2017 is expected to attain a market value of US$45 billion. This isn’t only true for online casinos; many industries will be affected in the same way as online gambling is. Many of the best online casinos in Canada and around the rest of the world already have mobile platforms to complement what can be experienced at their casinos online, and this is expected to continue.

Intel, the world’s largest microprocessor company, has recently announced a 14% decrease in sales of desktop processors over the period 2011-2012. This drop indicates that consumers are relying more and more on mobile platforms.

Only Casino Operators Bend with the Trends

Increasingly, it seems that to stay relevant, a mobile platform is essential for a casino online. To stay on top of this development, information is being gathered so that online casinos and other online businesses can respond with the services their clients want, and hopefully stay afloat.

Online gaming operators are researching how consumers use mobile phone and tablet devices. Desktops and laptops are fast becoming a thing of the past and gaming operators are now seeing mobile devices as less of an extension to desktop gaming but more as an independent entity that is slowly becoming the primary focus and product for many gaming providers out there.

As the modern world continues to demand more from everyone and players grow busier, the convenience of being able to fit a few games in anywhere, the way mobile casinos and sportsbooks allow players to do, is becoming less of luxury and more of a necessity.

The Impact of Social Media

Betting products are now fast becoming associated with social media streams. This happens with both betting and casino sites, but it makes more obvious sense with bookmakers. Punters will be watching their newsfeeds for any developments on events or athletes they are interested in, making these platforms the perfect place to target them. Promoting online gaming services on social networks like Facebook and Twitter allows operators to promote their service in a more personal and direct manner – perfect for tapping into the mobile market share.

Betting platforms have also integrated social networks into their service which means switching between Facebook and Twitter is much easier. The result is that users can interact on a more personal level with the brand giving a more valuable and lasting experience.

Leaderboards for players who perform the best in each game, the potential to challenge other players and, most importantly, the connection with like-minded individuals, have all come together to make social casinos a huge hit. They are also a convenient legal loophole for people who want to engage in online gambling, but who live in a country where doing so with real money is illegal.

Much More to Come

Mobile gaming also allows for “live targeting” which in the future will give players and providers a direct line of communication that both parties can take full advantage of. Apple currently operates their “push” notification technology, coupled with location-based service, giving them a unique edge that online casino providers are learning from and implementing into their services and Apps. This may seem a little “Big Brother” in practice, but consumers are reacting and responding in ways that online casino providers find encouraging.

Because casinos have access to location data and “Push” notifications, we will see higher click-through and open rates in the future with more relevant information is driven to consumers. Relevance to location and activity could provide more positive feedback from players too as promotions won’t seem like spam and/or junk.

4G will bring a new dawn to the mobile gaming experience, how online casino providers utilise this faster service will define just how successful mobile online gaming will become in the near future. The real potential of mobile technology has only just begun to be understood. All the greatest online casino Canada sites will, in a short time, almost certainly be mobile compatible.

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