Mobile Casino Wagers Set to Increase Six Fold By 2018

Mobile Casinos

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on February 23, 2014 at 12:02pm

New figures released have shown that wagers made at tablet and mobile Casinos and Sportsbooks are expected to grow to a massive CA$62 billion globally over the next four years; that means by the year 2018 there will be six times as much money bet over mobile devices than there was in 2013. This revelation was published in a report by Juniper Research, claiming that the driving force behind the increase will undoubtedly be the legalisation of online Casinos and various other online and mobile gambling services in the US, which will undoubtedly snowball over the next five years.  

The Report, entitled “Mobile Gambling: Casinos, Lotteries and Betting 2013-2018” proposes that successful mobile launches in major markets such as particular US states (Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, for example) will continue to push more states to begin legislating and legalising online Casino gambling. As most online gambling is leading with mobile Casino innovations nowadays anyway, the main impact will no doubt be most noticeable in this area.  

In Canada and around the world, operators have been pushing one another to develop bigger and better mobile Casino solutions in the wake of steps taken by mobile social Casino-style games; these games do not act directly in competition to actual real money Casinos or real money mobile Casinos, but they do highlight the popularity of mobile Casino games.  

Canadian lottery providers and other lotteries globally have also been expanding into the mobile gambling industry, although this has been slower, claims one of the authors of the report, stating a “lack of competition in the lottery space has meant that there has been little incentive to innovate. Realistically, only if retail outlet ticket sales slump will providers be incentivised to push distribution through online and mobile channels.”  

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