BCLC Introduces New iGaming Safety Tool


Lillie Mcguire
Posted on September 17, 2019 at 11:09am

The focus is on player safety and promoting responsible online gambling for the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC). They have just launched their new safety tool, PlayPlanner, into all of their casinos and gaming centres. It’s an optional budgeting tool that allows players to set daily time and money limits for their gaming.

Responsible online gaming has always been a part of the BCLC ethos, and self-determined limits set by players was an option from when their PlayNow site launched in 2004. The company has spoken time and again about their commitment to safer gaming and creating a positive experience when playing online casino games. Dr Jamie Wiebe, director and player health specialist for BCLC, stated that this new tool has been designed to help players now and into the future. Its simple concept will allow players to set their own limits and stick to them whenever they play.

How PlayPlanner Works

With PlayPlanner, players must select how much time they wish to spend using the website and how much money they wish to deposit for betting. These selections must be done before they begin gambling, so that emotions from winning or losing can be kept out of the equation.

Encore Rewards members are able to create a profile for themselves, and put in their personalised settings for money and time. The player can adjust these settings, as this process is entirely voluntary. All they have to do is click on the PlayPlanner icon on their screens. This icon is available at all times when playing slot games or at eTables.

In order to help players track their daily play, PlayPlanner gives each member regular pop-up notifications. These messages appear on the playing screen to let players know how far they are into the time limit or their spend limit. This regular reminder should ensure that players are aware of their current playing status and assist in ensure they stick to their limits in each session.

Not The First Tool From BCLC

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation has long had an emphasis placed on player safety and responsible gambling. Their PlayNow website has always had an element of financial pre-commitment to its structure.

All players had to select a limit for how much they wanted to spend weekly and the website would only allow this maximum to be transferred into the system by the player. As the player progressed through the week, they would also see a play history on their screen, showing how much of their limit had already been used.

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