Microgaming Joins Forces with Fortune Factory Studios

Fortune Factory

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on October 16, 2018 at 12:10pm

Major gaming supplier and development house, Microgaming, has announced the appointment of yet another independent development studio. Fortune Factory Studios will in future be creating content exclusively for Microgaming. The company has described the independent studio as being experts at creating products with personality. Quite a feather in the cap for a development house that has helped change the entire design and development landscape of the industry.

Intuitive and engaging gameplay, player-centric style of design, a focus on new themes that have not been explored before; these are just some of the attributes that have worked in favour of Fortune Factory Studios, and thereby cementing a partnership with one of the industry’s masterminds.

It's All About Content

The company has described the partnership with the design studio as one that will enable it to provide content that isn’t only of a very high quality in and of itself, but also presents a new wave of top-notch premium content to the digital slot market.

Staying on top of the game in terms of content that isn’t merely a repeat of the same old themes over and over again, is of utmost importance when considering the longevity of any role-player in a highly competitive industry such as the one posed by gaming and design. If any one entity has been getting it right on a long-term basis, then it must be Microgaming.

The company has, after all, been around since the birth of online gaming as we know it today. Applying years’ worth of experience is a virtue that has become the natural way of doing things at the company. This has without a doubt played a deciding role in the fact that the team is still going so strong.

One Of Many To Come

Fortune Factory Studios isn’t the first independent studio to have been contracted to create content exclusively for the industry giant. And as far as Microgaming is concerned, they will not be the last one to the added to the sterling pack, either.

It’s a recipe that has proven itself to be worthy of long-term commitment, and players noticing the difference. Independent design studios are putting a new spin on proven ideas, which is in itself, a simply genius move on the part of Microgaming.

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