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Customer support is an integral part of every online casino, and customer service specialists working in this field need to be highly trained, friendly and professional. It’s a fascinating job that goes well beyond what most would expect, so we decided to delve a little deeper and discover what a CSR’s job entails, what they have to deal with, and why they love working in the online casino industry. We interviewed Candice, a customer service specialist who has been working in the online industry for over a decade to get a better idea of what goes on behind the scenes.

How did you get into online casino support? 

I’ve always had a passion for customer service, and the casino industry fascinates me. I get to combine my interests and I love helping people, so it’s really the ideal job for me.

Is it true that customer service specialists often use pseudonyms? 

Yes! Many of us use a pseudonym or an abbreviated version of our name so that it is easier to remember, or so customers can identify with us better. Long, complicated names or foreign names that are hard to pronounce can be tricky, so CSR staff tend to opt for a shorter option.

How has the support industry changed in recent years?

Initially, online casino support was only available via telephone or email. Most players chose to call in rather than waiting for an email reply, as the telephone option elicited a quicker response. This meant that CSR’s had to deal with clients over the phone on a regular basis and had to be expertly trained in addressing every query. With the advent of live chat, CSR staff have had to learn a whole new set of skills and be able to communicate over text in real time, rather than over the telephone. Social media has also opened up a whole new avenue of communication, and being able to respond quickly to queries on Facebook or Twitter has become an essential part of our job.

Is there a technical angle to your job?

Absolutely. We field a lot of questions with regards to browser problems and software issues, and these queries have increased in the last few years due to the popularity of mobile devices. I really enjoy this aspect of support as it lets me use my technical knowledge to help others, and I can use my people skills in a completely new way. Seeing how technology has changed online gambling and support has been fascinating to watch.

What are the most common questions asked?

Most of the queries concern depositing or cashing out, the methods available, or the process. We have to be very familiar with every banking option and be able to help players with all related queries, or direct them to the PSP that can assist further. Bonuses are also often questioned, and we have to explain the terms and conditions, how they work, and how to opt out of an automatic deposit bonus. There are also plenty of questions about bonuses that players can’t claim for one reason or another, and we have to explain things like wagering requirements and how to meet them on a regular basis. It’s very satisfying when you can help someone cash in on a promotion, and we also have the authority to issue special bonuses, and that is fun!

Do support staff offer tips, tricks or advice? 

You might be surprised at how often we get asked for help in games! Game queries are actually some of my favourites, and as a support staff member, you need to be well versed in all the games a casino has to offer.  We absolutely can help with a few tips or tricks and can advise players where to look if they want more information on improving their success rate. When players contact us in this regard we do have to advise them that wins are however never guaranteed, but that some tricks and tips are useful and may lead, if not to a win, but to a longer playing experience.

What about information on Hot or Cold games? 

This is another question we get asked a lot. In many cases, the slots or progressive games have a thermometer that tells players whether they are ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ but players also often contact us to ask when last a game paid out. We always provide these details as we believe in transparency, and promote the casinos policy in this regards too. 

Do many players ask about tournaments?

Oddly enough tournament queries are not that common, but we do have a lot of players asking when the next Free tournaments will be held. In some cases we can grant players access to an exclusive tournament or VIP event even if they are not a VIP, and this makes our job all the more rewarding. 

What’s the best part of the job?

Customer service can be very satisfying as you help players resolve problems or troubleshoot issues, and that’s always hugely rewarding. I’d have to say that aside from being able to help people and being able to use my technical skills, I love the fact that we get to test new games before they are released, or at least see what they are all about. As a customer service specialist we have to keep abreast of the latest releases and understand them in their entirety, so we get a sneak peek at what’s hot and happening before players do!  

What’s something interesting people wouldn’t know about your job?

How many different factors it encompasses! Friendly, available customer care agents are the first indicator of a reputable online casino and we play an important role in the whole gambling experience. This is especially true in the case of new players who need a bit of direction. We also stay abreast of the different kinds of games on offer and can usually tell you where to find comprehensive reviews on games you’re thinking about playing and can give you insight into them.

What skill is most important to have for your job?

You need a number of skills to do well as a customer care agent. These include the ability to be persuasive and empathetic, as well as adaptable and you need a vocabulary large enough to stay positive in a range of different situations. You need to be able to communicate clearly, sometimes in multiple languages, but this will vary according to which operator you’re employed by, and self-control is key.

The most important skill a customer care agent needs, however, is patience. After all, the people reaching out to you are frequently already frustrated and upset and it’s vital that they feel heard and are handled with care.

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