Operators Increasing Engagement by Reading Player Emotions


Lillie Mcguire
Posted on July 06, 2015 at 12:07pm

A study by research company Optimove has this week shown that much of the value for players at online casinos is the overall emotional experience, not merely the financial benefits.

Emotional Balance

Two of the key emotions experienced by players are the thrill of victory as well as the temporary disappointment of defeat, one of which will be felt with every wager. Further emotional value is added in regards to the fun of each game, the uniqueness of the operator and the particular specialties of each game.

What Operators Can Learn

Operators work best when they use personal associations in order to effectively stimulate their players through the programmes they offer. Whether that’s memories of innocent games like checkers, that feeling you get when you’re talking to a person you’re attracted to, or scratching of a winning scratch card prize, the thrills associated with winning have always been part of our lives.


It’s important for the operator that the emotional response triggers the correct outcome for the player. This means that, whether or not they win or lose, it’s key to ensure that they are feeling comfortable, feeling a sense of fair play and, of course, having a great time.

Additional Research

The new research shows that frustration, happiness and euphoria are the three main emotions that are felt by people involved with activities with unknown outcomes. However, everybody reacts differently to these emotions. For example, some people give up when feel frustrated while others try harder. Some people will repeat a certain action that made them happy while others will simply walk away with a smile on their face. When looking at player behaviour, those who have a stronger emotional response, whether positive or negative, tend to be losers and winners. Players who break even most often seem to be less affected emotionally by a gambling situation.

Operator Actions

Gaming operators can use this marketing data can try to use this new study to prevent the winners and losers from stopping play by offering more of a balance of gaming options between the two extremes. By minimising the drama and optimising the payouts the result should be to draw the focus away from winning and losing to simply having fun and improving key skills.