Passport Technology and the ECA Partner Up

Passport Technology and the ECA Partner Up

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on July 12, 2017 at 12:07pm

As of June 2017, the European Casino Association (or ECA) have partnered up with Passport Technology. The new association is a London-based company that technically supports financial services markets, gaming markets and payment solutions around the world. As an ECA partner, Passport Technology has access to many benefits including direct access to ECA events, and becomes a part of its future direction. As part of the worldwide gambling community, it’s important for players to stay up to date with all major developments. Anyone who conducts financial transactions on the internet needs to know what is going on in the world of online casino security, and understanding cash access systems and other offline measures is relevant too. By knowing more about the available payment options, the way your funds are managed, and the way they are kept secure, you can play for real money with complete peace of mind.  

The Role of the European Casino Association

The ECA is a group that serves the land-based casino community of Europe. Its main function is to develop and promote a robust, lively brick-and-mortar casino industry across the continent. This means that close cooperation with all sectors of the industry is essential, from game equipment manufacturers to owners and proprietors to new entrants, and everything in between. Partnership with a group like Passport Control is obviously and logically beneficial. Representing the licensed offline European casino community, the ECA has 26 members and more than 70,000 employees. It supports economies across Europe, and almost all EU Member States are represented within its membership.

Non-EU countries are also among this number, including Montenegro, Serbia and Switzerland, and these associations are just as important. This is clearly illustrated by the fact that Passport Technology is based in Britain, which is no longer a Member State of the European Union. The ECA organises several different events, each serving their own purpose. These stimulate vigorous industry discussion and create ideal networking opportunities. Now that Passport Technology has access to all of these, they should be able to add their valuable insights and tools to the European gambling community, and enjoy more business and revenue too.

However, it is not only those with direct stakes in offline casinos that the ECA seeks to engage and influence. National policymakers are also targeted, the idea being that the more stakeholders are involved, and the more levels they represent, the better the casino industry can serve and be served by countries and economies.  

Passport Technology’s Impact on the industry

The products and services that Passport Technology provides includes payment kiosks, cash access systems, interactive content and services and server and web based analytic technology. Its solutions are created especially for the land-based casinos United Kingdom and Europe, making it a perfect partnering choice for the ECA. They are bespoke and can be adapted for various situations, so they are always able to meet the needs of the industry. While the United Kingdom and many European countries do allow for a lot of gambling freedom and liberties, the gaming and hospitality industries are highly regulated and operators need products that help them to comply. Passport Technology does just that. Their innovative CashValet platform, for example, allows for sophisticated payment infrastructure, integration into responsible gambling initiatives, strong security and easy management of strict anti-money laundering requirements.  

Mutual Anticipation

Both parties seem to understand that teaming up will be beneficial to them, and have issued comments to that effect. Per Jaldung, ECA chairman, has commented that the agency is looking forward to working with Passport Technology, discussing the crucial topics that are of shared interest with them. These include anti-money laundering measures, responsible gambling and the use of cash within the casino industry. He went on to assert that working together to find viable and responsible solutions is vital to the successful development of both operators and suppliers. This echoes the general position of the ECA, and is the clear aim of this particular partnership. For its part, Passport Technology is also enthusiastic about its involvement with the ECA.

Chairman Scott Dowty described the ECA as a world-class organisation, and said that Passport Technology was looking forward to making contributions of innovative technology and processes to operators and suppliers. It should be a prosperous situation for all, including the many gamblers visiting Europe’s finest brick-and-mortar casinos.