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Rob Ford

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on November 22, 2013 at 12:11pm

Toronto mayor and global laughingstock Rob Ford has recently admitted to smoking crack cocaine whilst in office and has described himself as often having been in a ‘drunken stupor’. Shockingly he has not yet stepped down; even more surprisingly, perhaps, his popularity ratings don’t appear to have slumped all that much. As the world watches in sickeningly eager anticipation for the next big blunder from this controversial character, various Sports Betting sites are hoping to cash in on the action.

In addition to smoking crack cocaine in office (which he has admitted), Ford is also alleged to have participated in a number of other scandals, including trying to cover up evidence that would have revealed his drug use. Despite local, national and even international pressure to step down, Rob Ford just won’t budge. Technically he has been stripped of his executive powers as mayor, retaining only the figurehead status, but Ford doesn’t appear disheartened that his position (and his dignity) has been severely diminished.

One of the online gambling sites hoping cash in on the scandal is a Canadian online Casino and Sports Betting site which is offering players the opportunity to place a bet on how they think the controversial situation will unfold, with various betting options available. The question asked is “what will Toronto Mayor Rob Ford do first before December 31st 2013?” Possible betting options are:

  • Resign as mayor
  • Take temporary leave
  • Neither, will remain mayor

At the time of writing this article there wasn’t much between the various options, proving that the whole situation is entirely baffling, even to the bookies! However the mounting pressure on Rob Ford to step down is marginally reflected in the odds, suggesting that he may yet come to his senses.

The Manager of the betting site, Adam Burns, said of Ford’s revelations: “we felt like this was a good time to do it because he says he doesn’t want to resign and people in Toronto want him to take a leave. The story’s taken a turn and some sort of decision has to be made.”