Play’n GO Awarded ISO 27001 Certification

play n go awarded security accreditation

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on January 31, 2020 at 10:01am

Play’n GO has kicked off 2020 with a strong message to their operators. The already well-established and trusted online casino content developer proudly announced that they have just received ISO 27001 Certification, which means that all of their software is compliant with security regulations around the world. This is a big win for the company, and should see them gain momentum in the online casino industry as more and more operators take interest in their built-in security measures.

Operators making use of the content provided by Play’n GO can now rest easy knowing that they are compliant with laws such as GDPR in the European Union. They govern data protection for players, and companies are required to be compliant if they wish to operate online anywhere in the EU.

Getting to grips with these kinds of laws can be difficult when entering a new market, and the fact that Play’n GO offer that peace of mind straight away is likely to make them a sought-after commodity in the industry. Not every online casino software developer is complaint with the ISO 27001 Certification rules and regulations, so this immediately puts Play’n GO ahead of the pack for anyone looking for a new provider, either to power an existing site and expand on the portfolio of games, or to start a new casino entirely.

Commitment To Client Security

The security and GDPR manager for Play’n GO, Cedric Mallia, commented on the recent announcement, saying that they are incredibly proud of gaining ISO 27001 Certification. They have always had a strong commitment to security and ensuring that their clients offer safe online casino products to their players. This new accreditation gives them renewed confidence, knowing that they have been working on the right things.

This certification also proves that Play’n GO has been operating on strong principles of security. They have always tried to base their products on best practices from around the world to ensure that access to confidential information on their systems is secure. The company feels justified that their founding ideas for all of their developments were right, and their clients are in good hands.

As the focus on online security around the world intensifies, casino’s commitment to player safety is set to come under the spotlight increasingly, and the developer is simply forearming themselves, and future-proofing their business by seeking accreditation now, rather than later. After the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data scandal, people have become more aware of sharing information online, and any entity that can offer increased security is going to be one that attracts a greater audience, or market share.

Gaining ISO 27001 Certification

At present, gaining ISO 27001 Certification is not required within the online gaming industry, although this may well change in the future, or become the norm. However, despite it not being compulsory, Play’n GO believes that it is important in an industry where players are constantly providing operators with their confidential and personal information. This certification is also an internationally recognised standard, meaning it will apply to all regions that have regulated online casino laws. This gives the developer a step up globally, and should see them enjoyed increased business across the board, especially in emerging markets.

In order to gain the certification, the company had to prove a commitment to security through a management system that took into consideration the system it built, the processes in place, and the people who will use it. The certifying body also needed to see a formal risk management framework from Play’n GO before they were considered. Needless to say, they passed with flying colours and were awarded the accreditation.

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