Get All the Know-how you Need: 5 Top Tips for Newbies

Newbies - what to know

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on August 29, 2013 at 12:08pm

Online Casinos offer an adrenaline-fuelled and thrilling gaming experience in which a whole new world of Games and Slots is just waiting to be discovered. For many new players, however, it can seem a little overwhelming at first; when everyone else seems to know what they are doing it can feel as if the odds are stacked against you. So, to help you out, I have compiled a list of Top Tips. Very soon you’ll have all the know-how you need, and no doubt you’ll be having the time of your life raking in the big bucks.

1) Consult an Online Gambling Guide

The Casino Reviews on GamblingInsider compare in next to no time what would take hours and hours to find out for yourself! Although the Star Rating is a great overall indicator, I always check for any unique extras, such as a whopping great Welcome Bonus or sweet Monthly Rewards. You can also find out about the quality of the software and the general look and feel of the Online Casino; factors which are always important to your enjoyment of the experience.

2) Look at the Pay Outs

Simply put, pay out percentages let you know the average amount of money you’ll get back for the amount you put in. The higher the percentage, the further your cash will stretch, and the more play time you’ll have to hit the mega jackpots. Pay out information for each Online Casino can be found on our Casino Reviews page.

3) Pick a Game that You Understand Pick

something simple to start off with – there’s nothing worse than missing out on a big win because you picked a game you didn’t quite understand. Blackjack is simple and doesn’t have too many rules to learn. Baccarat is another great game, although if you haven’t stepped foot in a Casino before then this may not have appeared on your radar. Not to worry – it’s super easy to learn! Take a more detailed look at the different types of Casino Games you can choose from on the Games section of GamblingInsisder. Starting with simple and straight forward games will show you just how easy it can be to boost your bank balance, even as a novice.

4) Feel Safe Whoa there Nelly!

You may be raring to go, but before typing in your credit card information, make sure you’re at a trustworthy Online Casino and that you’re using a secure Payment Method. Most Casinos will offer a variety of Payment Methods, and the best options for Canadians can be found on the Payment Options section of GamblingInsider. Skrill, which acts as a sort of digital wallet, is my personal favourite, as it keeps your banking details safe and private.  The eCOGRA Seal of Approval can be found on any reputable Online Casino, and is an indicator of the reliability, fairness and security of the service. You can find out about the safety of your money and the fairness of the gameplay in all of our Casino Reviews.

5) Have Fun!

Honestly, what would be the point if you weren’t having a great time? And for guaranteed fun in a variety of shapes and forms, Slots are a sure-fire bet! Slots are a fantastic way to cut your Online Casino teeth as they can be as simple as clicking a button and even the newest of newbies can win the most jumbo of jackpots. They range from traditional Slots, like the humble Fruit Machine, to more unique themes, including Box Office Blockbusters such as X-Men and Gladiator. The themes usually dictate the types of Bonus Games and Special Features you can enjoy – take a look at the Casino Games section on GamblingInsider for a massive selection of free Slots to try your luck on.   If you follow these 5 simple steps, you could be off to a winning start. Have fun gaming, and keep checking back at GamblingInsider for the latest Casino and Casino Games news and reviews!