Popular Games: Baccarat Makes a Big Vegas Comeback

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Lillie Mcguire
Posted on November 25, 2013 at 12:11pm

There’s been a lot in the news lately about how online Casinos are changing, the popularity of online Slots and the rise of mobile gaming; these changes have had a knock on effect to real-life Casinos which have also had to change with the times. Now it seems that Las Vegas is having a Table Game Renaissance as gamblers return to games such as Baccarat and Craps for that unique live table experience.

Online Slots are fast becoming one of the most popular pastimes in Canada and, so it is often stated, this is because online Slots not only authentically replicate the real deal, in many cases they often surpass them in the quality of the graphics, overall gameplay and, of course, convenience. When it comes to table Games, however, many believe that the live table experience cannot be so easily replaced. David G. Schwartz, the Director of the Center for Gaming Research in Las Vegas, noted at a recent Table Games Conference that “live table play remains a unique experience that cannot be replicated online.” Schwartz addressed his audience on the importance of Table Games, stating that “now is the time to invest in table game players. Not in 10 years when the next generation has gone digital. Invest now while they are still there.”

Table Games Take Top Spot

In Nevada as a whole, Table games bring in 37% of Casino revenue, whilst Slots provide over 60% of the revenue for most Casinos. In Las Vegas, however, those stats have changed quite drastically over the past few years, particularly in the post-recession era. On the Vegas Strip specifically, table games now make up 52% of all Casino revenue, whilst Slots only contribute 48%.

The reason for this swift change in Casino gaming habits has mostly been attributed to the influx of Asian high-rollers flooding the Vegas Strip. These Casino Whales appear to have a penchant for table games, particularly Baccarat, which now accounts for nearly 45% of the profits on the Strip. David Schwartz noted that without these post-recession Casino tourists many of the Casino companies may have gone bankrupt. “Table game players are a wealthier player,” Schwartz revealed. “They are now seen as more resilient. They are more important to brick-and-mortar revenue as online gaming becomes more prevalent.” The online versus land-based Casino debate has been brewing for a while, with these figures further demonstrating a shift in consumer behaviour.

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