Paysafe Teams Up With Skrill

Paysafe Teams Up With Skrill

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on July 12, 2019 at 3:07am

eCommerce sites in the United States still sees some unexpected restrictions. A research project recently revealed that only 22% of small US online merchants allow direct bank transfers. This means that online purchases can still be frustratingly slow, if the venue is one of the other 78%.

Taking this information to heart, Paysafe Group has come up with an elegant solution. The company reached out to Skrill USA, and a partnership was formed. The result is a payment network that allows US residents with a Skrill digital wallet a Rapid Transfer option. This means fast, easy payments, even if a website does not allow for a direct bank transfer. This service has already been available in 18 European countries, and is now also in the US market.

Fast & Easy Payments

Using the Rapid Transfer option is quick and easy. No additional ID verification methods are required, meaning that a simple click and pay system is utilised. The transfer of funds will be instant, eliminating the days, or even weeks, that were previously required for certain payments to clear. The Rapid Transfer system is compatible with online shopping on a global scale, and with online casinos.

Needless to say; the structure is also guaranteed safe and reliable. The same research project revealed that 30% of digital shoppers in the US are concerned about security, a concern that Paysafe and Skrill aimed to address. Both organisations have a spotless record, prioritising impenetrable 64bit encryption software.

Going Global

Rapid Transfer went live in Europe in 2016. It was originally made available in Austria, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain. After seeing success in these countries, the service was expanded to Belgium, Netherlands, and the Baltic states. Adding the US has now finally linked the two markets, allowing for broader freedom of payment options than ever before.

Skrill was officially launched in 2001. The company has evolved dramatically over the years, and is now recognised as a leader in payment processing technology. New innovations keep the company on the cutting edge, with their advancements in eWallets and other payment expertise being considered the industry standard. This latest initiative is just another example of why they are so trusted.

US residents who prefer online banking to the traditional alternatives will be eager to adopt the new Rapid Transfer system. Digital casino enthusiasts are also in for a treat, with delays in receiving payouts into bank accounts now a thing of the past.

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