Social Gaming Meet Up Success

Social Gaming Meet Up Success

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on August 08, 2012 at 12:08pm

17th July saw the world’s first social gaming Meet Up in London where over 100 registrants met with likeminded individuals within the social gambling market.  These included gambling operators, game developers, investors, game producers, casino technology companies and more, all who have an active interest in the development of social gambling. The Meet Up was set up by iGaming Business – a company that has been involved in the iGaming sector for over 8 years. They specialise in publishing and providing high level information to the iGaming sector and are the biggest publishing company within the sector.

Head of iGaming Business, Alex Pratt, said that the Meet Up was used to see “the level of interest in the market and to allow people from all facets of social gambling…to network and do business.”  Pratt claims it was more than just a networking function and it was an opportunity for those who gathered to get an overview of the next step in social gambling.

Two speakers at the event included Andy Rogers, Managing Director of Eneraction who spoke on the opportunities in this market; and Raf Keustermans, CEO of who spoke on getting funding for a social casino games company. Rogers explained that there are three factors of social gaming strategy – creating a new market, innovating in an existing market or copying the market and defending your position. 

Business objectives should include customer acquisition for hard gambling, generating a new revenue stream and business model and low cost of entry of the brand into a new market. Keustermans followed and added that social gaming is an incredibly competitive market and despite there being a lot of players in the market, the quality is not as high as it’s a more opportunistic playing field. He also mentioned that the gambling world has had a lack of innovation for a while. Social gaming has been making tidal waves in the online gaming world, only recently new startup company Betable unveiled their model of combining social games with real betting. 

Gambling companies are now looking for innovative social gaming strategies and social gaming start-ups are popping up everywhere, bringing real money betting along with them.  The impending social gambling systems and the success of iGaming Meet Up has led to another business event, the Global Social Gambling Conference, to be held in London in November.