Study Shows Online Gambling Not Cause of Problem Gambling

Study Shows Online Gambling Not Cause of Problem Gambling

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on May 14, 2015 at 12:05pm

Online gambling has grown exponentially over the last few years with thousands and thousands of new players signing up to play at online casinos each month. This is in part due to the incredible steps made in casino software development and advances made in internet speeds and mobile gaming access. But can online gambling be given the blame for what appears to be an increase in problem gambling? New studies suggest no.

The progression and growth of online gambling caused many people who were opposed to such games claim that they were the cause of gambling problems. Some of these claims were based on an element of factual evidence, while others have been bordering on the ridiculous. New Study Disconnects Problem Gambling from Online Gambling Australia’s Southern Cross University has released a new study which joins several others in defying the connection between problem gambling and online gambling.

Author Dr Sally Gainsbury, of the Centre for Gambling Education and Research, details the lack of connection between the increase in online gambling and the increase in problem gambling. The study concludes that there is virtually no concrete evidence to suggest that the two are directly related, despite the correlation.

Is Land-Based Gambling the Real Problem? The study also suggests that online gamblers in fact have a lower rate of gambling addiction that those who play at a land-based casino. Gainsbury’s research leads her to conclude that the most problematic gamblers online are those that have developed problems first offline.

Anecdotally, Gainsbury also notes that in areas where online gambling is not allowed, problem gambling rates are just as high, suggesting that online gambling is not a contributor to the problem. Benefits of Online Gambling It is widely accepted that online gambling helps to create a safer gambling environment. Online gamblers are able to utilise a wide range of tools to keep track of their spending and operators, too, ensure that problem gamblers are unable to access their websites.