Top 3 Books to improve your Poker Game

Poker Books

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on July 16, 2015 at 12:07pm

Let’s be honest. Poker can be a frustrating game. It’s easy to learn, but takes a long time to master and perfect. Given the depth and diversity of poker, it stands to reason that even the best poker players should continue to learn to develop their game. Players often reach a point in their career where they struggle to manage development phases, and find it difficult to make the transition between playing recreationally and professionally. If you have reached such a phase, it is time to find ways to improve your game to help you reach that level.

There are numerous books written on the subject of poker and while most poker strategy books have a relatively short shelf life thanks to the game constantly evolving, there are few that remain relevant throughout time. Here is our top three pick for books to improve your poker game: The Super System by Doyle Brunson Although written in 1979, The Super System remains a must-read for poker players with a thirst for knowledge. In this incredible book, the foundation for “power poker” are established; an aggressive playing style that revolutionised variant such as Texas Hold’em. Brunson also adds an additional layer to the book by soliciting advice from friends and fellow professionals Bobby Baldwin, Mike Caro and Chip Reese.

As a result, there are some in-depth advice concerning stud poker strategy and other variation of the game. The Poker Mind-Set by Ian Taylor and Matthew Hilger If you are in search of a more rounded education, The Poker Mind-Set is an excellent choice. While it doesn’t go into detail of poker strategy, it does offer some brilliant insight into the mental attributes required to become a successful player. If you have ever struggled with nerves or emotions in high pressured situations, this book is for you.

It will teach you more about the psyche and how to make smarter decisions while playing poker. The Ace On The River by Barry Greenstein The Ace on the River is a most read for all ambitious amateur players looking to make it big as a poker professional. This book discusses the necessary attributes required to make the transition from an amateur to a skilled professional. Greenstein uses real life stories to help illustrate his points and shares the details of his own unique rise through the ranks of amateur and professional poker.