Top Mistakes to Avoid When Playing Online Poker

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Playing Online Poker

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on July 17, 2013 at 12:07pm

Online Poker is a lot like life: you make the most out of it by thinking about the things you shouldn't be doing as well as the things you should. To stop you from getting caught out, here are 5 mistakes to avoid when playing Poker online.

  1. Know your limits. Poker is a game of fun and thrills but good times can soon turn to bad if you over stretch yourself and your funds. It’s important to set yourself a limit (most online Poker sites have a function for this) and not to go over it. If you find yourself playing to recoup your losses rather than for fun, take a break and come back when you’re in a better state emotionally, as well as fiscally.
  2. Don’t rush in to a game straight away. Ignore your impulses and take the time to study and observe your potential opponents, their strengths, weaknesses and playing styles.
  3. Never let things get personal. Always remember that you’re playing with a group of people, not just one person. Don’t let your intentions get clouded by one on one personal rivalries or any kind of ill will; you’ll only end up bringing yourself down with everyone else.
  4.  Pay attention to those around you. This rule might sound like a direct contradiction of rule 3, but it’s really important to remain conscious of how many players are left in a hand and who they all are. It’ll help you make smarter decisions and play better hands.
  5. Recognise your mistakes and learn from them. This one is actually as much of a life lesson as it is a Poker playing tip; we get ahead in life by learning from all the times we’ve fallen behind. The same goes for Poker, so take stock of each loss, think about your mistakes and use what you learn to play better and win next time.



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