The Current Face of Online Gambling


Lillie Mcguire
Posted on December 21, 2018 at 10:12am

Thanks to the rapid advancement of virtual technology, players with Internet connections now have unprecedented access to as many casino games as they want, with practically no limits as to when or where they can play them.

Like with any other industry, these technological advancements have led to a handful of new and exciting trends in 2018 so far. Whether you’re a passionate slots player or a fan of the latest live dealer innovations, this year was a thrilling one for players from all walks of life, as you’ll discover below!

The Rise of Skill-Based Games

For most of the industry’s existence, online gambling games have been based almost exclusively on luck. However, thanks to Millennials, the demand for skill-based casino games has sky-rocketed, creating a myriad of exciting new choices that partially base your chances of winning on how quickly you can master the game.

These titles tend to pit you against other online opponents, or even virtual ones, to add another level of authenticity to their gameplay. Many casino brands have begun to adopt these new innovations for their players, so you’re bound to see skill-based games at your chosen website in the near future.

Virtual Reality Takes Over

Although virtual reality is often thought of in more futuristic contexts, it’s actually being applied to our daily lives as we speak. Even in gambling, VR technology can help to replicate the land-based experience while you play online, bringing you a whole new world of entertainment. Currently, only a choice few websites offer VR games, but more are expected to adopt them as we move into 2019.

Licensed Slots Surge

Let’s face it – very few players would be able to resist a casino game based on their favourite movie, TV series, book or musician. This is the brilliance of branded or licensed slots, which have taken various pop culture icons and transformed them into games that offer you a chance to win real cash prizes. From Batman to The Walking Dead, Vikings and more, there have been plenty of branded titles for fans to enjoy this year.

Engagement is King

Countless online casinos have been focusing on user experience this year, enabling players to engage on a whole new level with their virtual environments. Leaderboards, personalized bonuses and customizable registration options have all helped to keep punters engaged in a highly competitive market, while brands with a strong social media presence have also excelled in 2018.

Table Games Take Over

Table games have always been incredibly popular, but they have been receiving even more love than usual from players this year. Unique versions of Roulette, Poker and Blackjack have been premièring at sites every few weeks, with penny versions also ensuring that even those on a budget can join in the fun without having to break the bank.

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