US Millennials Opting For Online Gambling

US Millennials Opting For Online Gambling

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on May 22, 2018 at 12:05pm

American millennials are more inclined to reach for their phones to place a bet than popping over to a brick and mortar venue to play for big wins. Gamblers under the age of 35 tend to agree that online betting should be made legal nationwide. According to recent figures released by YouGov Profiles, 50% prefer to gamble online rather than physically going to a betting venue; 28% disagreed. Whilst the age group between 35-49 generally agreed with their younger counterparts; the 50-64 consumers were divided, and the majority of those aged over 65 opposed the legalisation of online gambling. They on the whole preferred land based gambling over digital.

Differing Land Based Stats

Other interesting statistics emerging from the data revealed that the younger generation found land-based casinos somewhat depressing. However players aged 35 and older had a general like of the lad-based gaming sector, which would include establishments such as the MGM Grand, Caesars Palace and the Cosmopolitan. Those under the age of 35 tended to have a less positive impression of land-based gambling options.

Online Gambling Gets A Win

With the recent Supreme Court ruling in favour of a bid brought by the state of New Jersey, states across the USA can now decide which form of gambling they would like to allow; be it online, land-based, or both. The ruling relates to the shelving of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992; now legalising sports betting across the country. It has been argued that the binning of the 1992 law, would offer sanctuary to the offshore and black market bookies.

The Good & The Bad

According to the Nevada Gaming Control board, the trade in illegal sports betting last year amounted  $150 billion. This was from wagers on professional and amateur sports. This was in Nevada alone and done through offshore and black market bookies. The board calculated that in the same period $4.8 billion was bet legally. The ruling means that bettors won’t have to use an illegal middleman again and don’t have to be physically present to place a bet. Mobile devices would do the job just as well. Repealing the law has been opposed by some because it safeguarded the integrity of sport. It has been decried as ‘the gamblization of the industry’. People would no longer watch a game or horserace for the passion of it. It would be about the winnings and not the game. Others have supported the legalisation and argued that it could curb corruption and help monitor gambling trends and deficiencies. All in all, it seems that Millennials are set to be able to enjoy even more betting activities online, and that in the USA, the online casino sector is set for some real big changes in the foreseeable future.