Do you Want to Win Big? Play Progressive Slots!

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Lillie Mcguire
Posted on August 17, 2013 at 12:08pm

Some of the biggest slot machine wins in land-based and online casinos come from progressive slots. With these slot machines, every bet increases the jackpot since part of each bet is added to the total payout amount. Players love progressive slots because of the lure of winning a huge jackpot. It will take investing more money, because to win, players have to play the highest bet every time. The payout could end up being worth the investment.

Three Types Of Progressive Slots

There are three types of progressives. The differences in them are due to how many other slot machines are hooked, or banked, together. Stand alone machines are found only in one casino, and are only one machine. Jackpot's are normally lower with stand alone machines. Another type is called in-house progressive machines. These are more than one machine, but they are all in only one casino. Payouts are higher than stand alone machines, but lower than progressive payouts that are hooked to other machines in other casinos. Slots that are banked with other slots in other casinos are called wide area slots. These are machines with the highest payouts. The larger amount of contributors makes the jackpot rise, sometimes to the point of life-changing payout amounts. These are often some of the busiest machines in casinos, due to their tremendous popularity.

The Best Tips For Winning At Progressive Slots

1) Be ready to always play the most credits. You will not win by not playing max credits. The investment you make is larger, but so is the payout.

2) Choose progressive slot machines that are advertising the largest jackpot's. When you're investing max bets every time, you want to try for the biggest possible payouts.

3) Familiarize yourself with types of coins you'll need for play and the amounts of bets you need to make.

4) Remember to try to play for the most time you can. It takes time and patience. If you win a big jackpot, you'll know that it was worth every minute.

Other Helpful Tips

Make choices from online casinos that are hosting progressive slot games you're interested in playing. One handy Internet service for progressive slot information is called Money Train. It pays to check resources that list progressive slot games and jackpot's. They help you to know the most recent statuses of online progressive slot games. Being informed can help with winning.