Crazy 7 Online Slots

When Charles Fey created the Liberty Bell slot machine more than 100 years ago, it had 3 reels and a single payline – it was simple by today’s standards, but it was a huge success. Playtech’s Crazy 7 online slots get back to those basics, and you know what? It works.

It is a classic machine with a decidedly retro feel. Every spin of its vintage-style 3 reels is sure to provide you with the same thrills enjoyed by the players who tried their luck with Fey’s invention.

One Line On Which to Win

The simplicity of Crazy 7 is also expressed in the fact that it has a single payline. While some players may consider this boring or even stingy, others understand that having only one line on which to win adds to the suspense of the game.

The only real variation in the online slots reel symbols are their colours. All of them are stylised 7s. The design of the numbers does not change. Instead, the highest-paying are red, the second-highest are green, and the third-highest are blue. What’s more, landing any 3 7s on the payline will also result in a win. 3 red numbers will pay out a generous 400x your bet, while a combination of any 3 will pay out the lowest amount, which is 5x your bet.

Adjustable Bet Settings

As these slots have only 1 payline, there is no need to select paylines. However, Playtech has ensured that players do have some say in how they play Crazy 7.

The bet settings are adjustable, so you can decide how big your bets will be. Changing the coin value and number of coins bet per spin is as simple as using the + and – buttons on the slots interface. The lowest possible wager you can place is a meagre 0.01. If you are feeling particularly lucky, or you are in the mood to roll a bit higher, you can place a 15.00 maximum bet. Thankfully, betting the maximum amount does not require you to click the Bet One button 15 times. A far more convenient way is simply to click the Bet Max button.

Playing the Game

One of the keys to the overwhelming popularity of slots is how easy it is to play them. They are definitely not like Blackjack or Craps, which require players to learn what the different moves or bets mean.

Thanks to the ingenuity of Charles Fey, players needed to do little more than insert a coin into a slot, and then pull a lever. Playing Crazy 7 is even simpler. After making the required adjustments to the betting settings and placing a bet by clicking a button, you need only to click the play button, and the reels will spin. They will stop one after the other, and you will know immediately if you are a winner.

Bright, Colourful Gaming

This online slots title from Playtech is not only packed with classic action. It is also bright and colourful, and it features a few surprising sound effects as well.

The simplicity and ease of playing it makes Crazy 7 a perfect choice for beginners looking for a gentle introduction to the genre that could still result in exciting payouts. It is also an excellent option for experienced players who want a break from some of the more intense titles with multiple paylines and a host of bonus features, or who are looking simply for a leisurely, relaxing slots session. Experience what it has to offer at one of the most highly recommended online casinos for Canadian players,