Rock Paper Scissors

Playtech is one of the largest and most prominent developers in the online casino industry. Their gaming library includes everything from slots to table games, scratch cards to live dealer titles, Bingo to Keno, and just about everything in between. It is in this “in between” category that we find Rock, Paper, Scissors. Strictly speaking it is a micro-bet game, but with the high-quality graphics, unique entertainment and betting opportunities usually reserved for the developer’s top slots.

A Classic Reimagined

Rock, Paper, Scissors is based on the classic hand game often used to make difficult decisions. The basic concept is quite simple. Two players stand next to each other and randomly choose an object to create with their fist. The player with the winning object wins. Playtech took this concept and turned it into one of the most exciting micro bet titles to date.

The Game Setup

The action unfolds in a Japanese Sumo wrestling parlour, complete with wrestling mat, and a cheering crowd of spectators in the form of waving silhouetted hands. At the top of the screen is the large bronze gong that acts as the round starter, and conveniently houses the logo and name. The main navigation buttons hang from stylised Japanese flags to the left and right of the screen. On the left are the three main betting options and these are Rock at the top, Paper in the Middle, and Scissors at the bottom. Playtech slots don’t skimp on style or substance, which is why this game also includes a bet on winning streak feature that we will explain in more detail.

At the bottom of the screen is the bet changer that ranges from 10 cents to $2 per bet. In the centre, lining up on either side of the sumo mat are the two competitors. Our competitors are disembodied hands with from the wrist up. The hand on the left is wrapped in an orange-gold wrist thong, while the hand on the right is wrapped in a charcoal sash.

Doing Battle

Rock, Paper, Scissors is extremely simple and fun to play. Once you have chosen your bet amount, you can simply choose one of the three betting options. Pick rock, paper or scissors by clicking or tapping on the allocated button. The two hands will then spring into life and do battle on the sumo mat. After a short animation sequence, one hand will win, and bets are paid out accordingly.

Payouts and Winning Streaks

According to the published data, the game has a payout ratio of 96.7% with 2:1 odds of winning a round. If the two hands have the same object, the result is a draw and the bet is held. The bet on winning streak option makes playing a lot more interesting, and gives you the chance to win more than what you would usually win on regular slots.

Choosing two winnings streaks pays out 8.7x your bet, while choosing 3 winning streaks pays out 26x your stake. If you are brave and choose 4 winnings streaks you could win 78x your bet! If you love online entertainment that offers something different, give Rock, Paper, Scissors a try at, one of Canada’s most elite casinos.