Roller Coaster Dice Game

Roller Coaster Dice, developed and produced by Playtech, is a fast-paced dice-rolling casino game that we think our thrill-seeking players will really enjoy. Playtech is one of the most known and trusted platforms in the online casino industry, and their experience and expertise certainly show here. The game is slick and smoothly functional, and should immerse players from the start.

In keeping with the name Roller Coaster Dice, the background to the screen is an attractive and well-rendered view of one such amusement park ride, from the perspective of someone actually sitting in a roller coaster car. There is no other obvious reference to these rides in the game, so the allusion is probably to the fact that rolling the dice can really have unpredictable outcomes and can feel like a roller coaster ride in its own right!

Playing Roller Coaster Dice

This game is simple and fast-paced, so it’s perfect when you’ve got only a few minutes to play although we should warn you – it’s pretty difficult to stop! All you need to do is roll a dice total, and then roll again with a total that is higher than the previous time. Every time you manage this, you’ll be given the opportunity to predict whether the next roll will be higher or the same as the one you just rolled, or lower or the same.

The dice take centre stage, in the middle of the screen. To the right is a ladder, which lights up to show your progress as you make these predictions. If you get 4 correct in a row you’ll be awarded a 4x stake multiplier, and if you get 6, 8 or10 right in a row you’ll be given a stake multiplier of 7, 13 or an incredible 30 times your total stake respectively. Picking 2 sevens in a row will make you a winner every time.

Facts and Figures for Roller Coaster Dice

The game can be played for free as well as for real money, which is great because it gives you the chance to get familiar with the rules, practice your skills and build up your confidence before you place any bets with your own hard-earned cash. It also means you can just relax and enjoy yourself without financial worries; Roller Coaster Dice really is a good way to unwind.

When you do want to play with real money, the betting range on the game is 0.10 to 100, which should suit the pocket of every player. Higher and lower wager amounts result is higher and lower reward amounts, with the impressively high theoretical RTP of 96.97% remaining constant. An Online Casino Game Well Worth Trying With its exciting and immediate action, great graphics, seamless functionality and generous payouts, this is something of a different game that is definitely worth checking out.

Try it for free at one of our recommended casinos, and if it seems right for you, you can start placing real wagers and winning real money!