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Genesis Gaming was founded in 2008, has since specialised in the production of online video slots, and with the arrival of smartphone gaming, specialises in mobile slots too. Not the oldest and certainly not the youngest, Genesis Gaming is definitely one of those software providers that finds itself in the middle of all the competition. An impressive fact about the company is its having already created 200 online video slot games, a feat not easily accomplished, especially when you consider the company’s age. Genesis Gaming combines the latest in technology with creativity to create slot games worth their value in entertainment and ones that often push the conventions of bonus features for the sake of more excitement.

Range of Games

Genesis Gaming to date have produced a total of 200 online video slot games. Genesis Gaming sticks with that it knows buy focusing solely on slot games and thus doesn’t over extend its ambitions. A diverse portfolio of titles have been produced by this online casino software provider over the years ranging from mythology to sport to ancient history, cultures, fantasy, you name it and Genesis Gaming have pretty much done it.

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Game Quality

The gaming quality of Genesis Gaming is on the level, in fact, quite impressive at the end of the day. To date the company has not yet managed to establish any licensing deals so don’t expect to see games based on celebs or TV shows, films and rock stars. We can only hope that those plans are in the pipeline. Casino software companies like Microgaming, NextGen, WMS and Cryptologic have all brokered these kinds of deals and experienced great success. It’s a simple fact - players love video slot games based on figures from pop culture. Not that Genesis Gaming needs to go this route too; the company has done perfectly fine thus far by carving its own path and creating truly unique video slot games that push the boundaries of what can be done within the parameters of the slot template rules. A prime example is Gods of Giza, an online and mobile slot gams that uses rotating free spins instead of the standard formula. In the case of this game, the reels rotate 90 degrees each time, offering different ways in which to win.

What We Love

Genesis Gaming displays a very different type of innovative spirit compared to its peers. While all casino software companies need to stick to the specific template of a video slot game, true innovation avails itself when a company is capable of giving you something different within that space and this is precisely what Gaming Genesis does. While there are intellectual property games, Genesis Gaming has borrowed from all the various genres and established canons out there to create its own takes on old and well-liked themes and concepts. Their online video slot games called Robyn is a prime example. This one mixes together themes from Robin Hood and Snow White and combines to the two to give players female heroine what fire off Wild Arrow Free Spins and more. Genesis Gaming has a unique vision and it’s written all over their games.

What We Don’t Love

It’s pretty tough to knock a company that is really doing something different. If one were to voice a concern, it would be more of a question and that is why are they not expanding into table games or live dealer games? It’s a valid question to ask. Genesis Gaming has managed to create over 200 video slot in much lesser time than many of its peers. One could argue that a sole focus on slots has allowed them this ability and that is likely it. We would say that perhaps, the time if right, for Genesis Gaming to further spread its wings.