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SkillOnNet LogoHere at Gambling Insider we want to help you to make the most informed online gambling decisions possible. That’s why we bring you comprehensive reviews on all of the best online and mobile casinos in Canada. We also bring you information on the best games, and as you play more and get to know them more you’ll know what works best for you. Then, when you read more of our reviews, you’ll know what you should look out for.

It works in a similar way with casino software. As you play more and get to know which layouts and games suit you, you’ll know what to look out for when you read through our reviews. To get you started, before you’ve had time to become familiar with them, we’ve reviewed the different platforms that our casinos use for you. Although a relative newcomer, in comparison with the likes of Microgaming or Betsoft, SkillOnNet is proving itself more and more.


SkillOnNet, founded in 2005, has specialised in table games, with Backgammon being one in particular. Expansion and growth has taken place by way of the company establishing licensing deals with other software companies like Playtech to offer not just its own games, but games made by competitors as well. In essence, SkillOnNet is both a proprietor and a conglomerate. Backgammon is their most impressive offering as this is the game on which the company has dedicated a lot of its research towards. In offering the fan favourites like online video slots, they have relied on the talents of others to equip all their operators with high quality games.

Range of Games

Currently SkillOnNet supplies 12 of the world’s well-established online casinos with their unique backgammon games. Because backgammon represents a more niche market, it’s clear that from the start SkillOnNet wanted to focus on a certain sect of players and thus specialise. By going about their business in this light, the company avoided becoming a jack all trades and a master of none. The market was already quite saturated with developers that offered extensive ranges of casino games, so this was probably a wise move – so far, it definitely seems to have paid off. SkillOnNet’s additional content is provided by CVG (Green Valley Games), Playtech and Amaya – itself a proprietor and gaming conglomerate

Top Skill On Net Casinos:                              Top Skill On Net Games:

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Game Quality

Due to its multiple partnership deals with other notable online casinos software providers, SkillOnNet currently offers over 200 games made up mainly of online slots. SkillOnNet makes exceptional backgammon games and, through a series of partnerships with the likes of Playtech, GVG and Amaya, they’re able to offer games like Superman: The Last Son of Krypton, Judge Dredd, Medusa, King Kong, Batman, Andre the Giant and so many more. Amaya Gaming is an interesting one in that it’s similar in the way it operates. It too makes games but also has ties with other companies or has acquired them. A good example is NextGen Gaming. This Australian-based company responsible for making games like Medusa and Judge Dredd was recently acquired by Amaya, as was Cryptologic, which is why SkillOnNet can offer games like Batman and The Last Son of Krypton. The system is a little intricate, but ultimately benefits players. Good diversity lends itself to more options, and more options in turn can make for a better gaming experience.

What We Love

The range of online casino games available with a SkillOnNet powered operator is good. Yes, it doesn’t offer as many games as say Microgaming or Betsoft, but it does offer a greater diversity.

What We Don’t Love

Due the great assortment of games available to play, it’s hard to find anything bad to say about SkillOnNet. Good backgammon games and partnerships with a number of companies to allow for its good collection all make it tough to knock SkillOnNet. However, if we must say something then it would be that sometimes too many cooks can spoil the broth. You might find yourself going through a bit of a sifting process to get to the good stuff, and this really is the only issue we’ve been able to point out.