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Welcome to our casino software review of Vivo Gaming, a company that specialises in live dealer casino games. Vivo Gaming was founded in 2009 and within its time has actually achieved quite a bit. Today’s climate of gaming is more competitive and more ambitious and it’s all trickled down into the casino software sector, because I can tell you right now, the speed at which these companies are making games is simply phenomenal. This is noteworthy especially in terms of diversity. Vivo’s age coupled with what is specialises in makes it quite an exceptional software producer and one that we’re more than happy to speak about.

Range of Games

Vivo Gaming’s collection of games is pretty extensive. In this context however we’re going to focus primarily on live dealer casino games as these are the new darlings of the online gaming world. Vivo have crafted an impressive range of liver dealer games and equipped them with some truly nifty little features which we will soon touch on.


Top Vivo Gaming Casinos:                              Top Vivo Gaming Games:

Bitstarz CasinoKing Billy Casino                     Vivo Gaming Live Dealer Roulette Vivo gaming live dealer poker

 Spinit CasinoCasino Cruise                      Vivo Gaming Live Dealer CrapsLive Dealer Blackjack


Vivo Gaming have engraved these exciting real life games with some truly innovative features, whereby making the process of playing more exhilarating and more lucrative. Once you try out any one of these games, you’ll open yourself up to a world that’s as real as a land-based casino. It is worth mentioning that Vivo have made their card and table games smartphone compliant. This is always good news. No game in today’s atmosphere of technology and smartphones should not be available as a mobile casino game. Vivo’s incredible add-ons include these ultra-cool extras:

  • Multi Game Play: This feature allows you to place wagers on more than one game at a time.
  • Multi User Interface: This feature allows you to see how fellow players are doing at their respective tables.
  • Multi Currencies & languages: This means that you can literally play your game sin your home language and choose your country’s currency.
  • Mini Side Games: This feature add-on allows you to open a separate window in which you can play a separate game.
  • Live Chat: This feature allows for all-round interaction, meaning that you can talk to the dealer and to fell players.
  • Multiple versions: This implies that Vivo Gaming offers multiple versions of the same game, each with its own unique offerings.
  • Side Bets & Bet Behind options: These are extra ways to bet on the game of your choice.

Game Quality

Vivo Gaming have applied a meticulous ideology to their operations and thus the creation of their games. Any casino software provider that’s made a success of itself knows that in order to do so, a tight ship must be run. This means making sure that the highest standards are maintained from all member of staff. Vivo Gaming exacts the highest of standards when it comes to trust and integrity and this means that all who are employed are subject to the highest forms of risk management, fraud and security. To put it another way, they do all they can to make sure that when you’re playing their live dealer games, you’re getting best and most fair experience possible.

What We Love

There’s a lot to pay homage to here. Vivo Gaming is an impressive company with an array of well-made casino games, going well beyond their live dealer games. In terms of their live dealer games, the croupiers are friendly and courteous and combined with an intuitive user-interface, manage to create a gaming experience right up three with sitting at an actual or physical table. It’s worth nothing that Vivo also has a subsidiary called SB Tech who specialise in online sports betting software

What We Don’t Love

We can only hope that this will be remedied soon, but from what we understand, their live dealer games are only Android compliant. This was conveyed to us at the time of publication. We can only hope that soon these games will be iPhone compliant too.

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