Important Notes on the House Edge

crucial-points-to-note-about-the-house-edgeTo help players in Canada enjoy the very best online and mobile casino experiences possible, we felt we needed to do more than just showcase the best casino options in the country. While this is, of course, very important, we knew we also needed to bring you plenty of other information. Having it all in one place, here with us, makes it a little easier for you.

You can access all the latest news in the world of online casinos, get guidelines and pointers on specific games, and find out about different banking methods and even different devices. One of the most important things we could advise you on is the concept of the House Edge of a casino.

The House Edge – Definition versus Misconception

In every gambling-based game, the game has a mathematical advantage over the player. Commercial casinos set this limit themselves, so that even though they pay winners out, they come out on top over time. This means that the casino or house has the advantage. This advantage is called the House Edge. It means that the casino is assured a percentage return over time, and that players are assured a percentage loss of what they bet.

It is important to remember that the House Edge is the ratio of the average loss to the initial bet. It is not the ratio of the money lost to the total amount wagered. The main reason that it is defined in this way is to make it easier for players to estimate how much they will lose. Working with the initial bet amount helps you to apply and consider the House Edge in every situation. For example if you were playing a game like Blackjack or Poker then you would be likely to raise your bet and thus be unable to predict how much your average wager will be.

House Edge can be Misleading in Understanding Risk

Although the House Edge is useful in working out how much a game is likely to cost you, it is not accurate as a measure of risk for all games. For example in Caribbean Stud Poker the House Edge is given as about 5.2% – roughly the same as Roulette. However, if you were to look at the ratio of the average money lost to the average money wagered then the risk could be understood as 2.56%, making it a far safer bet than Roulette.

House Edge in Popular Casino Games

The House Edge for different games can vary slightly depending on the rules applied by the Casino and the ability of the player to use skills and strategy to narrow the advantage. Ultimately, the House Edge is a way for the casino to cover costs and generate profits, and it’s important to take heed of the Edge and remember that it shows that gambling needs to be done with care. As the experts say, you can win when you play casino games but not indefinitely. The House Edge ensures that the casino has the opportunity to also come out on top. What players need to do is learn to manage the House Edge and to maximise their winning potential according to the game they are enjoying. Here is a list of some of the most popular Casino games, and the House Edge you can expect to be faced with (assuming the game is played properly).