Online Betting on Fantasy Sports in Canada

Fantasy sports are games where the participants assemble virtual teams to compete in imaginary events. The teams are made up of real professional athletes, and scoring is done according to the current reported figures on their actual performance.

It’s possible to draft, trade and cut players from your fantasy sports team as you wish to, in your attempts to win the events you compete in. This industry actually goes back to the 1950s and has been growing in popularity ever since then. It has really come into its own online, and many of the most popular fantasy sports sites in the world are available to players in Canada.

Different sports have their own rules and stages, and the best fantasy sports sites follow the real-life rules and structures very closely. You get to act as a real sports manager, and stand in line to win some major prizes if your team comes out on top. These range from VIP hospitality packages to luxury smartwatches and to playing consoles and games.

This is not only hugely enjoyable and potentially very rewarding; it can also give you serious insight into players and their different sports for real-life matches. Online fantasy sports betting is worth billions in its own right, and it generates plenty of revenue in wagers on real-life games as well.

We’ve found and reviewed some of the best fantasy sports sites in Canada for you, as standalone sites or attached to online casinos. You can check them out here, and decide which ones you’d like to try out for yourself. Before you start betting on Canada’s most popular fantasy sports games, let us show you a little more about how it all works.

How Fantasy Sports Events Work

At the most popular fantasy sports sites in Canada, as well as around the rest of the world, competitions usually only take a day rather than an entire season to complete. This is the biggest difference between fantasy and real-life sports, and helps to keep things really exciting. It also means you have real insight into the very latest performance of players and teams which will aid in your other sportsbetting activities.

The drafts that you make are also completely independent of every other player. In fact, if you feel that you’ve created the best fantasy sports league possible, you shouldn’t be surprised if others have composed the same exact team!

The value of points and the way they are scored will differ among fantasy sports, but in general the better your chosen players perform on the field in reality, the more points your team generates on the fantasy leader boards. This continues until, ultimately, there is one fantasy team left standing on the site. If this is your league, you take the title of best fantasy sports manager along with all your other prizes.

All of the sites that we showcase here have their own scoring models and specific rules. You can trust that they are all high-quality and above-board, but its only after you’ve spent some time at the most popular fantasy sports sites in Canada, trying out the most popular fantasy sports games, that you’ll know which ones are for you.

The Most Popular Fantasy Sports Games

It’s possible for enthusiasts in this country to enjoy several different fantasy sports leagues, and each of them is available on many different sites. Old favourites such as golf, football and baseball are still very popular, and sit comfortably alongside newer additions on Canada’s most popular fantasy sports sites.

These more recent events include basketball, hockey, NASCAR, soccer and even MMA. Playing online like this also has the great advantage, besides being able to do it whenever and wherever suits you best, of being able to research player health, playing time and current and projected future performances to help you make good decisions.

Having all of this at your fingertips and being able to edit your team at any time means fantasy sports are always thrilling to play, especially at the great sites you’ll find recommended for Canadians.

Developing Your Best Fantasy Sports Strategy

To take your journey as a fantasy sports manager even further and make it more profitable, there are plenty of online tools and guides available. Many of these are on the sites we recommend, and there are also some great online chatrooms and dedicated help sites to explore.

Novices can check out beginners’ guides to all available sports, and the tips that many sites feature should be very helpful in making specific team management decisions for everyone. Bankroll management advice is also available and very useful for every player, and advanced strategy guides will help you take your experiences to the next level.

Specific game plans and tactics have also been developed for each fantasy sport, and the more you use these the more successful you’ll be. Some of the most popular fantasy sports sites actually allow you to play for free as well as for real money, which gives you the chance to perfect your tactics and build your confidence before you play with real money, or to just relax and have fun.

Create Your Premier Fantasy Sports League Now


Many of the most popular fantasy sports sites offer great bonuses and promotions, on top of everything else. These can really help to boost your bankroll so that you can draft the finest athletes, so check out what’s on offer before you settle on where to play.

Make sure the available sports and guidelines are what you are looking for as well, and that the site offers banking and support options that work for you. Being recommended, you can trust that they are all secure and certified by recognised authorities so all you need to think about are your personal needs and preferences. With that in mind, get going! Try out the most popular fantasy sports games online today and decide which ones you like best.