Gambling in Canada

Gambling in CanadaOne of the main reasons that gambling in Canada is so popular is that there is a strong cultural heritage of gambling and Casino gaming. In fact, before the Canada even became Canada, natives in the area were trying their hands a gambling of sorts.

Over 350 years before Canada was born, John Cabot discovered natives playing games of luck and chance. These games helped them to develop mentally as well as spiritually and, after further exploration, Cabot discovered that the gambling tradition went back as far as 6000 BC.

Back then the tools were very different than gambling in Canada today. There were no Casino tables, no dice and of course no cards. Instead gamblers in Canada used items such as sticks and stones, but all of the general gambling principles were the same.

Yet somehow, despite the extraordinarily long tradition of gambling in Canada, the culture seemed to change somewhat at the end of the 19th century…

Ban on Gambling in Canada

In 1892 gambling in Canada was banned in its entirety, however the embedded traditions of gambling were difficult to stamp out and it didn’t take long for certain forms of gambling in Canada to be allowed once more. In 1900, just eight years after the initial ban, Bingo-style games and raffles were once more permitted, if only for charitable purposes, and soon betting on horseracing was re-established as a legal form of gambling.

By 1969 gambling in Canada was once again further entrenched as the government realised the huge value in lotteries. They subsequently changed the law to allow both provincial and federal governments to run lotteries in order to fund local and national projects. This was first taken up by in 1974 when a lottery was held in order to raise money for the Montreal Olympic Games.

Land-based Casino Gambling in Canada

Gradually the various provinces have gained more devolved power to organise and run their own gambling operations, including horse races, Slot machines and even Casinos. Nowadays gambling in Canada is as big as it ever was, with Casinos in virtually every province and fans travelling from miles around to enjoy some of the best Casinos in North America, if not the world.

Caesars Windsor is one of the biggest and best Casinos in all of North America, rivalling many of the big gambling hotels in Las Vegas and really putting Canada on the map as a gambling hub. Caesars spent nearly CA$500 million refurbishing the Casino a few years ago to transform it into the sensational Canadian Casino it is today.

Many Casino players in North America and around the world are such big fans of the gambling in Canada that they will often travel further or for longer in order to play at the best Canadian Casinos, rather than visit places like Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Online Casino Gambling in Canada

The majority of Casino gambling in Canada nowadays takes place online. There are hundreds and thousands of online Casinos and Poker rooms available on the internet, making gambling in Canada more accessible than ever before. Players can not only enjoy all of the delights of Casino gambling from the comfort of their own homes, but they can also take their favourite games with them wherever they go thanks to the creation of mobile Casinos.

Although the quality of online Casinos may vary a lot, using a website like can help you to find the perfect Casino for you. Online gambling in Canada need not be difficult when you check out our top recommended Casinos and bag yourself a brilliant Welcome Bonus.

Poker Gambling in Canada

Canada is also making its mark on the Poker circuit, both online and in real life. The World Series of Poker now makes several stops at the best Canadian Casinos and Poker gambling in Canada has seen an enormous boom. Many of the top Poker players in the world right now hail from Canada.

What Does the Future Hold for Gambling in Canada?

Gambling in Canada has a bright future, with many more online and land based Casinos set to spring up over the next two years.

The real growth sector for gambling in Canada, however, is in mobile technology. As we spend more and more of our lives racing around from one place to the next, we no longer have time to sit down at a computer, let alone pop into a land based Casino. Mobile Casinos and Casino Apps are the perfect way to enjoy all of the best bits of gambling in Canada no matter where you are.