Gambling in Canada

One of the main reasons that gambling in Canada is so popular is that there is a strong cultural heritage surrounding it. In fact, before Canada even came to be, natives in the area were trying their hands at games of chance.

Over 350 years before Canada was born, John Cabot discovered natives playing games of luck and chance. These games helped them to develop mentally as well as spiritually and, after further exploration, Cabot discovered that the tradition went back as far as 6000 BC.

Back then, the tools were very different to those used in gambling today. There were no tables, no dice and of course no cards. Instead, gamblers in Canada used items such as sticks and stones, but all the general principles were the same.

Yet somehow, despite the extraordinarily long tradition of gambling, the culture seemed to change somewhat at the end of the 19th century…

An 1892 Ban

In 1892 gambling was banned in its entirety, however the embedded traditions were difficult to stamp out and it did not take long for certain forms to be allowed once more. In 1900, just eight years after the initial ban, Bingo-style games and raffles were once more permitted, if only for charitable purposes, and soon betting on horseracing was re-established as a legal activity.

By 1969 gambling was once again further entrenched, as the government realised the huge value in lotteries. They subsequently changed the law to allow both provincial and federal governments to run lotteries to fund local and national projects. This was first taken up by in 1974 when a lottery was held to raise money for the Montreal Olympic Games.

Land-based Gambling in Canada

Gradually the various provinces have gained more devolved power to organise and run their own operations, including horse races, Slot machines and even Casinos. Nowadays gambling in Canada is as big as it ever was, with Casinos in virtually every province and fans travelling from miles around to enjoy some of the best entertainment in North America, if not the world.

Caesars Windsor is one of the biggest and best Casinos in all North America, rivalling many of the big hotels in Las Vegas and really putting Canada on the map as a gambling hub. Caesars spent nearly CA$500 million refurbishing the venue a few years ago to transform it into the sensational establishment it is today.

Many players in North America and around the world are such big fans of the local scene that they will often travel further or for longer to play at the best Canadian Casinos, rather than visit places like Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Caesars Windsor
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Casino de Montréal
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Online Gambling in Canada

Today, online, and mobile casinos are popular all over Canada, and are changing the way people interact with and enjoy games, as well as the demographic of who plays them. However, the story of gambling in the great nation goes back a long way.

Canada has a long-standing reputation as a great nation for Casinos, and nowadays there is a real tradition for online gaming developing; but what is it about Canadian gambling that makes it so good? One of the main reasons that it is so popular is because Canadians, as a nation of people, are well known for their work hard, play hard attitude in life. Canadians have always loved gaming in every form, making it the obvious destination for both online and offline gambling. It is no surprise, then, that some of the first online gaming sites to receive licenses were in Canada. In fact, much of North America still does not allow online gambling so many players turn to Canadian sites to have fun.

But Canada is not just the home of the first Casinos – it is the home of the BEST Casinos, which is why many of the sits you will have come across previously will be Canadian. Discerning players all over the world know this to be true, and those who live here should consider themselves lucky to always have easy access to the best of the best.

The Best Bonuses

Playing online or on your mobile is a first-class experience in every way, including the fact that their bonuses are probably the most impressive in the world.

Every online and mobile establishment that is worthy of your time and consideration offers promotions to its players, as a way of keeping existing players happy and spending money and as a way of enticing new members.

It makes sense that these bonuses are always lavish, but the ones you find at online casinos in Canada are especially so. They will really boost your player account balance, so that you can bet more, win more and ultimately have a lot more fun.

The Best Online Casinos

Canadian gambling is not all about offering the biggest Bonuses and the best games – although as we have mentioned it does manage that, too! It is about bringing players what they want and listening to their needs. That is why every site offers a great selection of games, features and rewards that will cater to every taste and preference.

The best sites include all the latest and greatest games from top developers, Bonuses and loyalty rewards that benefit every player and helpful 24/7 customer support to address all your enquiries.

The support and banking systems are usually available in a wide variety of channels and options, so that you can choose the one that works best for you. It is also often possible to play for free as well as for real money, giving you the chance to practice and build up your confidence, or to keep playing when you have used up your daily bankroll. Essentially, it is not about the Casino at all – it is about the players. As soon as you enter any lobby, you will feel this natural hospitality for yourself.

Canadian Gambling Online Knows No Limits

Unlike gambling at a specific venue, playing online allows everyone to enjoy their favourite games from wherever they are in the world, no matter the time of day. To put it simply, you can spend what you what, when you want and how you want. It honestly could not be easier to pop online from your home computer or mobile phone and begin playing.

Poker in Canada

Canada is also making its mark on the Poker circuit, both online and in real life. The World Series of Poker now makes several stops at the best Canadian Casinos and Poker has seen an enormous boom. Many of the top Poker players in the world right now hail from this part of the world. Much of Pokers local popularity can be attributed to one very talented player, Daniel Negreanu. Negreanu used to be a huge fan of Texas Hold’em Poker, playing at home in Toronto and, after years of perfecting his skills, he moved to Las Vegas to start winning some serious money.

When online Casinos started up towards the end of the twentieth century, Texas Hold’em Poker soon went virtual, and Negreanu quickly discovered its potential. He went on to win some big tournaments and inspire budding Poker players from across Canada. He has become as big of a hero as the top sports stars and is currently the fourth-ranked Poker Champion in the world.

What Does the Future Hold for Gambling in Canada?

Gambling in Canada has a bright future, with many more online and land-based Casinos set to spring up over the next two years. The real growth sector, however, is in mobile technology. As we spend more and more of our lives racing around from one place to the next, we no longer have time to sit down at a computer, let alone pop into a land-based venue. Mobile casinos and Apps are the perfect way to enjoy all the best bits no matter where you are. 

Discover it All for Yourself

If you would like to take advantage of all the games, bonuses, pay-outs, and superb service that the top online casinos have to offer you, you are in the right place! Check out our reviews to find the ones that look best to you, and then try your hand at a few of the games yourself.

We have even written up some basic guidelines to games to get you started, so now is the perfect opportunity to play!

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