Starlight Casino

Starlight CasinoThe Starlight Casino in New Westminster, British Columbia is owned and operated by the Gateway Casino and Entertainment group, which run 12 casinos and employ 3000 people across Canada. Starlight is styled after the legendary Stardust casino in Nevada, and shares many similar architectural traits with the American venue.

Its retro, 50’s style decor and design give this venue a great look that manages to exude class, while still remaining welcoming for the average gambler. You also get this unshakable sense that you are starring in a big budget Hollywood gangster film at times and you almost expect to see a Mob boss seated at every Poker table!

The Starlight Casino ensures gamblers an unforgettable and unmistakable experience on each visit.

Stepping Out Onto The Floor

The slot selection at Starlight includes penny and dollar slots. There are also exclusive Mystery Slots that are run by Starlight themselves and offer unique jackpots for players. There are also many special promotions run on the casino floor, including multiple chances to win brand new cars that are displayed in the foyer.

For hard-core slots fans there is the special, high limit slots area called the Royal Room. Here, players can look forward to being pampered by their own personal VIP hosts and hostesses. VIP customers at Starlight get to experience the luxury of their famous No 9 Room, where professionally trained hosts who give gamblers an unprecedented level of personal care and hospitality serve them.

Finally, visitors to Starlight get to enjoy non-stop table gaming action in the form of Baccarat tables, Roulette, Blackjack, EZ Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker and much more. There is a players club that you can sign up with that can offer you up to 25% off on meals, along with up to 10% more rewards points earned each time you play at Starlight. The loyalty levels go up to Diamond level, and your points can be used at all Gateway Group casinos.

Enjoying A Live Show Or Great Meal

The Match Eatery is the main gastronomic draw at the Starlight. It features classic menu options with a unique and modern twist to them. There can be a variety of entertainment features on offer including televised sporting events, live music, a DJ and more.

The Buffet serves, you guessed it, Buffet Menus. With options that range from Mexican to Italian, you will be hard pressed not to find a few delicious items on offer here. Of all the casino buffets available in Canada, The Buffet really delivers in another class, all on its own.

For a more intimate or casual experience, you can find drinks and light meals at the RedBar lounge. The venue also caters to corporate events or banquets and has a dance floor for guests. Other notable eateries include the Shanghai Noodle House and Kirin, who offer more exotic menu options for adventurous taste buds.

There are regular events held at the Starlight Casino showcasing the absolute best of local talent. And rock shows and other live events are a major feature. These shows are held at a variety of restaurants and venues within Starlight, and offer something extra to even the most avid gambler.


  • The glamorous Stardust Casino-inspired atmosphere is unmistakable.
  • The collection of high-quality slots is large and diverse, with very innovative special features.
  • Table game action is delivered with 44 tables.
  • The No. 9 room gives VIP serious personal attention.
  • Great dining and entertainment options complement the games perfectly.


  • The players’ club loyalty scheme is rewarding, but it is not the best that we’ve seen.