Legal Canadian Online Casinos

Legal Online CasinosGambling in Canada is something of a grey area when it comes to the legality and that’s no surprise really, considering the different opinions around the world when it comes to legal gambling.

In the USA, for example, online Casinos are mostly illegal, although in the past year some states have started to allow some online Casino gambling. Many cynics would argue that the reason for the shutdown of the legal online Casinos was in order that they might stamp out the competition and then run the show – taking a lot of the money – when regulation began.

In Great Britain there is a different approach to legal online Casinos, whereby online Casinos are allowed to operate within the country so long as they operate within the law, pay taxes and are fully regulated.

In Canada there is somewhat of a gambling grey area. Legal Canadian online Casinos do exist in a sense, but it’s a lot more confusing than that in reality.

Legal Canadian Online Casinos: The Criminal Code

Between 1892 and 1969 there were no such things as legal Canadian Casinos – in fact it was illegal to gamble on anything in Canada at that time other than horseracing and charity lotteries and raffles. However in 1969 the federal government decided to allow the 10 provinces to hold their own lotteries as this seemed like a good way to fund various local projects.

Next, in 1985, the federal government decided to devolve all control of gambling to the individual provinces; this means that each region can control the gambling laws in its province, but the federal criminal code at this point did not change, adding more confusion to the issue.

The Criminal Code of Canada states that it is illegal to run a betting house or to be found in one; however, as an archaic and outdated law, it is difficult to apply this to online ‘betting houses’ or online Casinos without further clarification.

In 2012 British Columbia launched the first fully legal Canadian online Casino in the whole of North America. The site offers both Poker and Casino games to residents of British Columbia, but no one from outside of the state is permitted to access the online Casino.

Legal Canadian Online Casinos: Offshore Casino Operators

So you’re probably wondering, then, where everyone else plays online Casinos and the answer is, simply, offshore.

In fact, offshore may be a bit of a misnomer since the majority of Canadian offshore Casinos are located within the Canadian borders; but they technically fall under their own sovereign jurisdiction since they are Native reserves. Kahnawake Mohawk Nation, for example, is located just outside of Montreal and in 1996 they set up the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, offering gaming licenses to online Casinos. This provides a loophole within the Canadian Criminal code that seems to allow many legal Canadian online Casinos to operate and Canadian players to play online freely.

What’s In Store For Legal Canadian Online Casinos?

No one is really sure what the future holds for legal Canadian online Casinos as the government seems to be fairly hesitant in changing the criminal code from how it stands currently. Certainly legal Canadian online Casinos can be useful in pumping money into the Canadian economy and the arguments for regulation and legalisation are strong.

Most likely Canada will eventually come up with a liberal form of regulation whereby online Casinos are regulated but can be fully legal so long as they stick to certain restrictions and pay what is likely to be a fairly high amount in taxes.

Finding a Legal Canadian Online Casino

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Are there really such things as legal Canadian online Casinos?

Despite there being a lot of grey areas when it comes to gambling in Canada, legal Canadian online Casinos do exist. There are technically very few laws that relate to online Casinos, with many provinces never legislating either way on online Casinos and others allowing several forms of online gambling.

At the end of the day, it is not illegal as a player to visit an online Casino, so you’ll never be in trouble for doing so. What is illegal in some circumstances is the hosting of an online Casino, which is why so many of the legal Canadian online Casinos exist off shore.

Who regulates these legal Canadian online Casinos?

Legal Canadian online Casinos must be regulated and must meet the rules set out by the Kahnawake Mohawk nation via the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. This commission was set up nearly twenty years ago to regulate online gambling in Canada and to ensure that all Canadians can enjoy playing top quality games at legal Canadian online Casinos.