Legal Online Casinos

legal-canadian-online-casinosOne question that seem to come up time and again from new online Casino players is, “Are online Casinos legal?” Well, the answer depends on where you are in the world but, for most countries, yes, online Casinos are legal.

Whether or not a particular online Casino is legal depends mostly on its individual operations, licensing and general compliance with both industry standards and the regional regulations of the geographical location in which it operates.

It’s not difficult to find some great legal online Casinos but it’s helpful to know what you’re looking for. Read our top tips below, or check out our Casino reviews for a list of the best legal online Casinos right now.

How Do I Find A Legal Online Casino?

If you’re looking for a great legal online Casino then there are several factors you need to consider. First off you need to make sure that the online Casino has a reputation for fair payouts and reliable operations. You’ll also need to make sure that the online Casino is licensed and registered with the proper authorities and that it is allowed to operate in the country you wish to play in.

Generally speaking you will not be breaking any laws by playing at an illegal online Casino, but more likely you’ll find yourself being ripped off by an underhand operator.

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Does This Online Casino Have a Good Reputation?

It’s important to ask this about any online Casino you’re thinking about playing at, as word of mouth and, of course, internet reviews are a great way of finding out if an online Casino is a legal, safe and enjoyable place to play. You might decide that, for some of the bigger household names, such as Betway Casino or 888Casino, you can already trust their reputation; however there are many perfectly safe and legal online Casinos that aren’t quite so well known, and doing a little digging around can help you to discover the best Canadian online Casinos.

An online Casino that is operated by a company that is publicly-traded and displays gaming licences and auditing certificates, it can usually be trusted as a reputable and legal online Casino. If it is running any underhand operations then a quick Google of its name should bring up any red flags.

As well as checking out our list of top recommended legal online Casinos, many players find it useful to browse online forums to discover what real players think of each online Casino. Although gambling forums can be a great source of information, everything you do read should be taken with a pinch of salt, as players rarely use them to talk about the great aspects of an online Casino, only their gripes and grumbles, so general views are a little skewed.

Does This Online Casino Accept Players From My Country?

As gambling laws vary from location to location, many online Casinos will be legal in one country and illegal or unregulated in another. It is crucial that you ensure that it is legal to play at an online Casino in your country before doing so. Although you are unlikely to face any issues gaming at an online Casino that is illegally operating in your location, if the Casino is found out it might close down in your area without warning, potentially deactivating your account and all fund associated with it.

To protect yourself and your winnings from being caught out like this it is crucial that you only gamble at a legal online Casino.

In Canada it is illegal for online Casinos to operate within Canada; however, it is perfectly legal for Canadian players to enjoy gambling at any online Casino that is located offshore. There are also several local government-run legal online Casinos that were launched in order to generate regional funding.

All of the online Casinos recommended here at are perfectly legal for Canadian players.