Live Dealer Casino Games

We’ve always brought you all of the best online casino options here at, as well as all of the latest news and information. You can count on us to keep you up to date with anything important that is happening in the world of online gambling, and the latest on Live Casino games is no exception.

These games require a high-speed Internet connection, so the faster download and transfer times have made them much more feasible and functional. More and more of the online casinos that we recommend are offering Live Dealer games, which are arguably the most immersive playing experiences possible outside of a land-based establishment.

An Authentic Way To Play

It is safe to say that live dealer casino games are the next frontier in playing online. A professional, trained host operates the equipment from a bespoke studio or a special area of a brick-and-mortar casino. The action is recorded, and streamed to wherever you are via a video feed. You get to watch the events unfold in real time, as if they were physically happening in front of you.

As well as this authentic atmosphere, you still get all the benefits of playing online. In other words, you can still play anytime and anywhere that is convenient for you, take advantage of lower minimum bets and higher payouts, and enjoy large bonuses. Gaming from your mobile or desktop really doesn’t get much better than this!

Live Dealer Features

The different casinos recommended at host their live games in a few different ways. Some have their own television channel, which allows players to use their mobile phones as remote controls to place bets while others offer this type of entertainment exclusively on their website. In either case, the croupiers themselves operate out of a dedicated space.

Playing like this will completely immerse you, and not only because you get to interact with a charming host. This is important, of course, but there is more that evokes the glamorous feeling of playing in Monaco, Macau or Las Vegas.

Often, it is also possible to activate a chat feature and interact with your tablemates. This makes the atmosphere really sociable, which feels even more like being in a land-based establishment. You can also discuss strategy with fellow players, which is a great way to develop your skills. Many games, such as Blackjack and certain forms of Poker, also allow for multi-player options in this format, which can be a lot more sociable and more exciting.

The dealer’s physical transactions are translated into data, which is utilised by your chosen casino’s software via Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, technology. Every action, such as dealing cards or spinning the roulette wheel, undergoes this process so that your entire experience flows seamlessly as it would in any conventional online casino setting.

You’ll be making your decision via a console on your device, and the betting table is usually superimposed over the video footage, along the bottom or the side of the screen. You can use your finger or mouse to move your chips to the right area, just as you would if you were at the table. Side bets are almost always possible, which makes playing even more thrilling. These wagers are independent of whatever happens in the main game, and can pay out very handsomely when you win them.

As well as the various side bets, you’ll also notice adjustable display settings, in-play guidelines and other great special features. These are usually specific to the live dealer casino games that you are playing. For example, in Blackjack you can often use the Pre-Decision function, which allows everyone to make the first move at the same time, rather than one by one. Thanks to clever software in Baccarat, you can often perform the famous Squeeze and reveal the final card, to decide the outcome of a round, yourself.

What Live Dealer Casino Games are Available?

Running live games are actually a lot more costly for casinos to host than the usual virtual versions are. The investment in staff and technology is a lot greater, with at least one cameraman, several dealers and an information technology manager to deal with all technical matters all being required. In addition to all of this, a pit boss must always be present as well, to adjudicate any disputes between players and dealers, and some casinos also offer a choice between male Live Dealers and female Live Dealers, adding to the required staff contingent.

The online setup usually requires at least 3 rooms; an analyst’s room, a server/software room and of course the studio. The effect of all of these costs is that most online casinos only offer a few titles in this format. These tend to be the most popular, since they are the most common games where players would be seeking a new challenge. The specific rules and configurations of the Live Dealer games, as well as how many variations are on offer, tend to differ from site to site.

Most frequently, you will find Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and Poker in live casinos. Sic Bo, Keno, Dream Catcher and other Wheel of Fortune-style games are also available at some sites. As technology improves, you can expect more innovations and releases.

Rules and Gameplay

Live Dealer games generally involve the same wagers and general rules as their other online, and even their offline, counterparts, so we at generally recommend that you master the other online versions first. Playing live is very exciting, but getting familiar with the rules in the other online setting can be a lot less overwhelming.

When you’re ready to play, be aware that the action moves at a different pace and the entire experience can feel very unfamiliar. Since the dealers need to collect the cards, shuffle them and then deal them between each round, it can be a little slower to play this way. Rather than having the results instantly created by Random Number Generation, cards have to be gathered, shuffled and dealt, or the spinning wheel has to come to rest. Don’t worry though – you’ll be used to this, and totally engaged, in no time at all.

Start with a free version if you can, or a small wager, until you feel more confident and can bring all the skills you’ve learned to bear.

Take Your Gameplay to the Next Level

Playing in real time and watching the action unfold via video feed is always exciting, but you’ll have the best time possible if you sign up at one of the casinos that we recommend. The hosts are the most experienced and expert, as well as the most gorgeous and glamorous. In addition, you will find the widest betting ranges, the biggest payouts, and the greatest selection of special features. You’ll have everything you could want, and more.

If you’re ready to experience more immersive thrills in your online gameplay, and you feel like your skills and strategy can stand up to the increased pressure, the time has come for you to experience Live Casino games in all of their glory. And, of course, the perfect sites to do this at are recommended by us, right here at

Check out some of the Live Casinos we list for you, and see which ones you most prefer. You can trust that they are all completely secure and trustworthy, and licensed by recognised authorities, so all you have to base your decision on is which format, design and rewards you like best. Choose the tables, wheels, specific rules, dealers, payouts and bonuses that most suit you and the way that you play. Start small and proceed cautiously but most importantly, have fun!