Live Dealer Blackjack Games

All of the casinos that we showcase and recommend to players at use high-quality and reputable software. Many of these platforms have branched into Live Dealer games, including Microgaming, Evolution Gaming and many more.

These Live Casino games follow the same basic format as their offline and their conventional online counterparts, with the extra thrill coming from the fact that you will be interacting with a live dealer. With Live Dealer Blackjack, for example, the dealer will give you a pair of cards and then deal 2 for him or herself as well.

The Live Casino games are the same, but you’ll be much more immersed than would be possible in a typical online game no matter how high its quality was. It really is as close to a land-based experience as you can get when you’re playing online, and the variety of Live Dealer Blackjack games is growing all the time.

The Mechanics of Live Dealer Blackjack Games

With all Live Dealer Blackjack games professionally trained dealers are stationed in a studio. When you play live casino online games the action is streamed directly to your device via a live video feed. This means that, to enjoy Live Blackjack properly, you need to make sure you have a high-speed Internet connection.

Playing with a Live Dealer can actually feel a little different to playing in the online situations that you might be used to. The bets and the rules are the same, but the real Live Casino game can take longer and have a different pace because the Dealer will need to deal out the cards, and gather them up and shuffle them before each round.

It doesn’t really get much more exciting than a Live Dealer Blackjack game when you’re playing online, but at we do recommend that you proceed slowly and give yourself the time you need to get comfortable. When you feel confident with your normal online games, give the Live Dealer versions a try.

Variations of Live Dealer Blackjack

A huge range of Blackjack games can be played online with Live Dealers today. Many can be played as multi-player Live Dealer games as well as single-player games, which makes things a lot more sociable, enjoyable and exciting, and there are also Live Diamond VIP Blackjack games on offer. Often players can also choose between male Live Dealer and female Live dealer games, so they can choose who they wish to play against too.

The game is so popular that getting a table at these 7-seater multi-player games during peak times is often difficult, but more tables are often added to the platforms that we recommend here at Some even offer dedicated rooms to cope with the demand!

Live Blackjack Strategy Development

As with all versions of the game, when you play Live Dealer Blackjack there is a lot you can do to tip the odds of winning in your favour. There are plenty of strategy tables, which advise you on what to do in every situation, no matter what cards you and the Dealer are holding, to be found online. These work, but use them carefully; even a slight deviation can really affect possible outcomes.

It’s also possible to count cards with real Live Dealer games, which is not possible with other online games because of Random Number Generation. This can work really well in some cases, but as always, go slowly with it. Practice in other online games, especially the no-deposit free play versions that so many of our recommended sites allow for, before you try anything out in the higher-pressure, live-dealer setting.

The more you practice different Live Dealer Blackjack techniques, the more insight you’ll have and the more of your own style you’ll develop. And, as always, the casinos endorsed at are the perfect sites to play Live casino online games, 24/7!