Best Canadian Mobile Casinos 2023

At we bring you the top Canadian mobile casinos, and every site has undergone a rigorous testing and review process before we recommend it to you.

Just as an online casino needs to offer you safety and security, the first item on the checklist of what makes the best mobile casinos appear on a list of recommended places to play is the quality of the protection they are able to offer you.

The mobile casinos that you will find reviewed and rated on these pages have all passed the most stringent of tests, and you can rest assured that the privacy of your personal and financial information is of the highest priority. State-of-the-art Secure Sockets Layer encryptions on every transaction, for example, are completely standard.

Once we have established that the security measures put into place meet our exacting standards and will give players peace of mind, we move on to the more enjoyable aspects of the site - the quality and quantity of the games that are available.

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The Best Mobile Casinos Have the Greatest Games

The top mobile casinos for Canadian players always offer you a superior range of game titles and types, of superior quality, optimised for enjoyment on a range of different smartphones and tablets so that you can play and win whenever and wherever you want.

At the sites we recommend you’ll be able to enjoy great graphics, awesome animations, fantastic features, and the top titles from the world’s finest casino game developers. Mind-blowing visuals, hyper-realistic sound effects, and smooth gameplay are on hand, and you’ll be transported to a world of fun and big wins.

The best mobile casinos for Canadian players serve up slots and table games that are able to provide first-rate playing, and access to all of the features that you have been enjoying at the online casinos you patronise hitch- and glitch-free. As well as all this, you’ll have access to the same great support and  services.

When you make use of your mobile device, whether it is iOS, Windows or Android powered, smartphone or tablet, you will soon discover that the games often perform far better on your gadget than they have been on your laptop or desktop. The high-definition screens that are becoming the order of the day with the most recently released mobile devices contribute greatly to how enjoyable the experience is, and user-friendliness and ease-of-use are a given.

Beneficial Bonuses at the Best Mobile Casinos in CA

Once we know that the software used and the games offered at a mobile site are unsurpassable, our next step is ensuring that there are generous bonuses for you to take advantage of when you sign up and as you continue to play at a mobile establishment.

These days, mobile casinos offer welcome bonuses as a matter of course, but we demand more than that! Your loyalty and continued support should be rewarded, we feel, and so the only places that we deem to be the best mobile casinos are those that ensure that this is so! Look for reload bonuses, player rewards, excellent VIP programs and more at the best mobile casinos, because that is exactly what we feel they should be delivering.

Nifty Navigation and Perfect Playability

On top of a colourful, exciting, enjoyable slots and table game experience, you should be able to look forward to a smooth one as well, and the best mobile casinos make sure you can! Widespread, thorough user testing has been put in place by the mobile casino game development companies, meaning that by the time the game you choose to play reaches your Android or iOS mobile platform, it’s had a thorough going over.

The very best mobile casinos have lobbies that have been designed so that a single tap or quick swipe of your finger can get you to where you are heading with ease. The cashier is always quick, easy, and, of course, totally safe to use. You will be able to fund your account quicker than you can say “winning combination”, and can get into the thick of the real money action at once.

Android Casinos

When it comes to actual numbers, Android leads the way in the mobile phone and tablet market. Apple’s iOS is great, but it’s solely for use with the iPhone and iPad. Android on the other hand is an operating system that works on most smartphones and tablets regardless of brand name, and for this reason Android remains the most popular mobile operating system.

Mobile casino gaming for the Android market is practically on par in terms of game availability as it is for the iPhone casino market. Turning your smartphone or tablet into an Android casino is quite simple. All that’s required is that you choose one of the Canadian casinos that we endorse, sign up using your Android smartphone and within no time you’ll have an Android casino.

Android Casino Games

Android’s diverse use has allowed many online casino software companies to adapt their software for mobile use, so you’ll be able to play whatever you like on these devices. World-class developers, like Microgaming and Playtech, have begun to convert their games into Android casino games. Some have even started releasing new games on both the PC platform and the mobile casino platform at the same time. Everything from slots to table games, and even live casino games, are available on Android.

Free Android Casino Games

One of the numerous perks when it comes to Android casino gaming would have to be the fact that players can enjoy free games. Before I further unpack this I feel it’s important to stress the difference between free Android casino games and free spins, or bonus-related free games.

Free spins, or free games as they’re also known, are either additional games won on a game of slots when you land three or more Scatter symbols on the reels. The outcomes from these games can be quite lucrative. In the case of playing free Android casino games, I’m referring to the fact that our mobile casinos will allow you to practice your hand at the games for free, without having to make a deposit.

Playing a game in this manner is also known as practice play and this is exactly what it allows you to do. With free Android casino games you’ll become knowledgeable, and once you’re ready for the real thing that’s when you can play for cash.

Your Android Casino Bonus

New Canadian mobile casino players will always have something to look forward to thanks to the fact that operators are always looking to incentivise them. An Android casino bonus could be well over C$1000, depending on where you decide to sign up.

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with a sign-up bonus. I love it because it means I have more cash with which to gamble. I hate it because it comes with wagering requirements; I love it because despite those wagering requirements, there’s still a chance I could beat them and win. At the end of the day, I always say, read the T & C’s and make a call.

To Download or Not to Download

The best Canadian mobile casinos offer Android players the best of both worlds - a choice between downloading an app and playing in browser! What you choose generally comes down to personal preference and may also depend on the device you’re using.

If you use an Android smartphone and tablet and you find yourself swapping between the two, the in browser option may be better, but if you stick to one device downloading the app is tops. The Android app games often have additional features and offer a more comprehensive entertainment experience, so this may make them more of an attractive option.

Whatever you choose, you’re sure to enjoy a top class on-the-go gaming experience if you stick with the Canadian casinos that we suggest! You’ll find the apps on the App Store for iOS devices, Google Play store, the dedicated Cherry Rush casino app store, and Amazon. These are the top app marketplaces that I recommend.

On the Go Gaming

Being able to play casino games on your Android opens up a whole new world of possibilities. You can play anywhere, anytime and stand a chance to win big when on the move or relaxing at home.

Winning big has never been this easy, and your Android device could just be the ticket to a massive jackpot payout. Sign up at a top Canadian casino that offers Android optimised entertainment and enjoy the very best in mobile entertainment at your leisure!

Blackberry Casinos

Playing to win while on the move doesn’t get any closer to home than with a Blackberry device. After all, the company is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario and has been in existence since 1984. I think it might even be safe to say that Blackberry is as Canadian as maple syrup.

The company has a longstanding history among Canucks and more recently the world, and even though its popularity has dwindled somewhat thanks to stiff competition from Apple’s iPhone and the widespread use of the Android operating system, the Blackberry still enjoys great popularity. As a device on which to enjoy mobile casino games, it remains an ideal choice.

Blackberry Casino Games

Once you’ve committed to playing Blackberry casino games you’ll rarely be without a chance at winning something. All the exciting traditional casino games have made their way on to the Blackberry platform, giving users of this quality device the ability to win anytime.

Most online casino software companies have been converting their games into mobile compatible ones for some time. The results have been astounding, as mobile casino gaming has started outpacing PC casino gaming on a global scale. Blackberry casino games include slots, table games, video poker and even live casino games, depending on the mobile casino operator you choose.

Free Blackberry Casino Games

They say that practice makes perfect and with our mobile casino operators you can take advantage of the free Blackberry casino games. It’s a great way to learn and, best of all, will help you earn! I tend to go on about this, but I often feel it’s important to classify the difference between free casino games free spins.

The latter refers either to the bonus round you enter into after you land three Scatter symbols on the reels of a slots game or actual free spins that the casino gives you due to your loyalty, or to celebrate the release of a new game. The former refers to your being able to play the casino games for free before playing them for real money.

Your Blackberry Casino Bonus

Your Blackberry casino bonus could be anything from a few hundred to well over a thousand dollars. All you need to do is read our review section and then make a call based on that. Once you’ve joined the Blackberry casino of your choice you’ll be given the option to opt in for the bonus.

I don’t believe in letting people in for something they don’t have complete clarity over, and this is why I urge new players to read the terms and conditions. The biggest thing to be aware of when it comes to a casino bonus is the wagering requirements. So make sure you understand them before going for it.

iPhone Casinos

The iPhone is often considered the ultimate smartphone, and for good reason. Now you can switch between your computer and your iPhone thanks to the beauty of cutting edge technology. This state-of-the-art device has given us the means to conduct all kinds of things – be it business, phone calls, emails or social media activities – it only makes sense that casino games should also form part of the various functions of the device.

Social gaming was one of the biggest draw cards of the iPhone during its initial years and, now that online casinos have caught up with this technology, many have re-adapted their websites to be able to readjust to the iPhone, thus giving birth to the iPhone casino.

Time has been incredibly kind to the iPhone casino – more games have become available through this medium of playing and more Canadians have begun making this kind of gaming their preferred type. With the iPhone, gaming can be conducted more quickly, making it the prefect way in which to have fun in today’s social and business climate. The click of the mouse will always be there for those many players who still prefer playing on their PC’s, but for new-wage players, it’s their fingers that will lead them to the big wins. More simply put, it’s a case of tap, swipe and win!

iPhone Casino Games

The vast majority of traditional online casino games are available for iPhone. In terms of numbers, the bulk is still made for the PC, but this is something that is being remedied in various ways. Many of the companies that make iGaming software have begun converting their older titles so that they are iOS compatible, as well as doing dual releases when it comes to the unveiling of new releases. Available options include slots, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, video poker and quite recently, live games, too.

Claim Your iPhone Bonus Now

There is always a bonus waiting for first time players. Each of our casinos will be more than happy to provide you with a welcome bonus that can be anything between C$100 and over C$1000 depending on which operator you elect to join. As we’re not in the business of tomfoolery, you need to know that these bonuses do have wagering requirements and do come with terms and conditions, but that they can add a lot of extra value to your gaming experience too!

iPad Casinos

Mobile casino gaming has truly taken off in the Canadian market. More and more players are either playing on iPhones, Blackberry’s or Android smartphones. But these aren’t the only devices on which big wins can be achieved. Another welcome addition to the world of mobile casino gaming is the iPad.

Designed by Apple and sporting similar specs to the iPhone, the iPad is a great way to enjoy casino games, and for a number of reasons. Many features overlap but if you’re looking to enjoy your games on a bigger screen, which means better graphics and more details, then the iPad is a great choice.

iPad Casino Games

Thanks to the fact that mobile casino gaming has become so popular in Canada, there are now more Canadian players opting to play for wins on their mobile devices. While the iPad might not be as pocket-friendly as a mobile phone, it still gives you greater convenience than a PC would. Once you’ve installed the relevant casino software, you’ll be able to play iPad casino games like slots, roulette, video poker and, as of late, live casino games as well. The days of setting foot in a physical casino are truly over!

Free iPad Casino Games

Outside of the fact that with an iPad casino you’ve got a bigger screen, its core processing power is also stronger than that of an iPhone. In fact, the most up-to-date iPad’s are almost as fast as laptops. What this essentially means is that not only are you going to get a portable gaming experience with the iPad, you’re also going to get a better, faster one. If you’re a newbie to iPad casino gaming, it would be wise to first play the free casino games provided by our operators. This way you’ll be able to empower yourself on all the rules of the games and how they work before making your first deposit.

Your iPad Casino Bonus

Newbies at any of our mobile casino operators can take up an iPad casino bonus. Now there are a few things that need to be said about a casino bonus. I enjoy these offers almost as much as I sometimes loathe them. I enjoy a new player bonus because I have more money with which to play, and this means I have more chances to win. I loathe these offers because they come with wagering requirements that can sometimes seem unbeatable.

There’s no exact science to winning a large amount of cash off a bonus. What I advise players to do, especially if they’re prepared to go in big, is to bet big and hopefully win big. If you find yourself with a big amount, you can then alter your betting amount and slowly chop those wagering requirements down.

Samsung Casinos

It’s possible to play almost any game on an Android casino platform now, which means it’s possible to play the best online casinos in Canada on your Samsung smartphone or tablet. Most of the best casino software developers, such as Playtech, NetEnt and Microgaming, offer special mobile versions of their most popular titles and often roll out specially developed games too.

Whether you feel like playing online Slots, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette or any other table or instant win games, it’s easy with these state of the art mobile devices. With Samsung, the best casinos in the world can be in your pocket at all times, no matter where you go in Canada.

Samsung Casino Games

It’s possible to play almost any game on an Android casino platform now, which means it’s possible to play the best online casinos in Canada on your Samsung smartphone or tablet. Most of the best casino software developers, such as Playtech, NetEnt and Microgaming, offer special mobile versions of their most popular titles and often roll out specially developed games too.

Whether you feel like playing online Slots, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette or any other table or instant win games, it’s easy with these state of the art mobile devices. With Samsung, the best casinos in the world can be in your pocket at all times, no matter where you go in Canada.

Free Samsung Casino Games

The best online casinos offer you the chance to play for free as well as for real money, and almost all of the Android options that we recommend allow you to do just that. This gives you the chance to practice and build up your skills and confidence before you place any real wagers and is usually available for slots, table games and almost every game that online casinos have on offer.

These free games are different to the Free Spins rounds that many of the online Slots games at Canada’s best online casinos have on offer. They’re usually featured as Bonus Rounds that are triggered within the online Slots, and are a great way to take winnings even further. In other words, rather than being a risk-free way to practice and requiring no deposit, they are bonus spins in real money games that can result in even bigger payouts.

Your Samsung Casino Bonus

Whether you choose to play Baccarat, Blackjack, Slots or anything else, Samsung casinos all tend to offer impressive Welcome Bonuses and later promotions. These are intended to get you playing and keep you playing, so make sure you always check the terms and conditions carefully, but they can be really helpful to you.

Used properly these bonuses can boost your bankroll so that you can bet more, win more and play for longer. Enjoy a few more hands of Baccarat or Blackjack, spin the Roulette wheel or the reels of your favourite slots game a few more times, and you could just find yourself winning big on your Samsung mobile!

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