Online Casino Banking

pigBanking at an online Casino can seem a lot like hard work, but the truth of the matter is that it’s actually a lot more straightforward, and potentially safer, than depositing at a real life Casino. At a live Casino, in order to handle your banking, you will need to get up from your game, find an ATM, queue up, hope that you haven’t maxed out the ATM’s withdrawal limit and then walk around with a large wad of cash in your wallet.

Alternatively, banking at an online Casino allows you to stay comfortably placed in your chair with an array of secure banking options at your fingertips.

Choosing a Payment Method
Payment methods can appear very daunting if you’re new to gambling online. There are so many different options promising to be the best and safest banking method that it can be tricky working out which is best for you.

Some questions you should always ask yourself when choosing a payment method are:

Is it Secure?
As with any industry, there is always a minority of dodgy dealers looking to make some easy money by ripping off customers. You should always check a Casino’s licensing and reputation before spending any money, as reputable Casinos will only offer secure payment methods from the top online banking providers. It’s also important to note that an unsecure payment method doesn’t simply mean that someone is trying to steal your money, but that your money and your personal details aren’t so well protected from theft and fraudulent activity. The most secure banking systems are the ones in which your details are encrypted so as to prevent them from being hacked.

What payment methods are accepted at this Casino?
Different Casinos offer different payment options to their customers. This is partly based on the Casino’s partnerships, but also influenced by feedback from customers as to which services they prefer. Reputable online Casinos will also make a point of offering reliable and secure payment methods to protect their customers. If you are used to making transactions via a method which is not offered at a particular Casino, it is important to make sure that you are comfortable with the options that are available to you.

What payment types are accepted in the country I reside in?
Depending on the country you live in there will be different payment options available to you, as there are limits to the currencies handled by certain banking providers, as well as legal barriers. It’s important to check not only whether you can deposit using your chosen method, but also whether or not you can use the same method to withdraw your winnings.

Does banking in this way carry any additional charges?
Most online Casinos will allow you to deposit and withdraw money free of charge, but it is always worth double-checking before spending any money. Some banking methods, however, may have their own fixed charges that are outside of the Casino’s control. For this reason, even if the Casino advertises a payment method as free of charge, you should always check with the banking provider that there are no additional costs.

Does this payment method offer any bonuses?
Some Casinos will offer you incentives for using a particular payment method. These bonuses are usually offered per deposit and can be worth up to about 20% of the payment.



Types of Payment Methods

Credit & Debit Cards

Credit and debit card transactions are a quick and easy way to deposit and withdraw money online. They are also extremely safe, providing that the Casino has a privacy policy protecting your details from being used for any other purposes. Reputable Casinos will always explain how they go about protecting your details, and they are legally bound to abide by this agreement. Some players will find that if their credit or debit card is from an American financial institution it might be rejected. This is because it is illegal for financial institutions in the U.S. to be involved with gambling-related transactions. This will not necessarily prevent all transactions on such credit cards, but it might result in some transactions being flagged up and consequentially rejected. As American Gambling Laws are changing, however, it is likely that this will become less of a problem.

Electronic Wallet (e-wallet, web wallet)

The Electronic Wallet is becoming an increasingly popular method for conducting banking transactions at online Casinos. An Electronic Wallet allows you to deposit money into an online account, specifically created for online banking transactions, using your credit card, debit card or by direct debit. Once funds have been placed into your e-wallet it is simple to use your new account to deposit money at an online Casino. It’s also very quick and easy to withdraw money from your e-wallet. One of the benefits of using an e-wallet is that you’re not revealing your personal details or bank and credit card details to any third party, as this information will remain between you and the e-wallet provider. It’s quite likely that you’ll be able to use the same e-wallet provider for multiple online Casinos or other online financial transactions, so finding one that you like can be extremely handy.

Direct Transfer

Directly transferring money from your bank account to the online Casino is a great way to make a deposit if you don’t want to share your personal details. You can usually action this via online banking, telephone banking or in person, so it’s certainly a flexible method. The time taken and cost of the method depends entirely on your bank, but for some people it’s the best option as it is completely secure.