Online Bingo Canada Guide

Bingo! You’ve hit the jackpot in terms of finding the best online Bingo Canada sites. Our expert team lives and breathes the game so we’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

Signing Up for a New Account

Choose somewhere to start playing by reading our reviews, then navigate to the website. Click on the Join Now or similar button and fill in the required information. Read the Terms & Conditions carefully, accept them, and make your first deposit. Claim your Welcome Bonus as applicable and start playing online Bingo Canada!

A Quick Overview of the Rules

One of the many reasons this game is so vastly popular not only in Canada but around the rest of the world too is how incredibly easy it is to play.

Choose the Canadian Bingo variation you’re interested in playing and purchase your ticket/s. These days the numbers are very often marked off automatically, but if not, watch your screen to see which ones come up and daub the corresponding ones on your card.

The Main Online Variations

90-ball Bingo is still the most popular format and is played on a 9X3 card where 15 of the possible 27 positions contain a number. Your goal is to get a Full House, the term which refers to all the numbers on your card being marked off, but there are occasionally prizes handed out for 1 or 2 lines being filled up too.

80-ball online Bingo Canada has a variety of ways to win. 1 line and 4 corners are the easiest and most common but ticking the entire 4X4 cards is a Full House victory.

75-ball Bingo is the variation of choice for our American friends and is played on a 5X5 card. All the card’s positions are usually numbered, but there are certain varieties that leave out the middle square. You’ll usually be required to mark off patterns in this Canadian Bingo variant, with 2 lines, an X shape on your card, or a Full House deemed worthy of a prize.

The 30-ball variation is sometimes referred to as Speed online Bingo Canada and is perfect for when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. You can only win by getting a Full House, where all numbers on the 3X3 grid are marked off.

Popular Strategies

Try out these approaches to see if they add anything to your Canadian Bingo gameplay:

  • The Granville Strategy

Joseph E. Granville authored this one and it applies to the 75-ball variant. He suggested that, because each online Bingo Canada number has a 1/75 chance of being drawn, on average, 60% of the first 10 will have different last digits. So, if 15 comes up, there is now less of a chance of 5 doing the same. So he suggests choosing a card with as many different last digits as possible.

  • The Multi-Card Strategy

This strategy calls for your playing multiple cards at once, spreading the win potential across them. This approach works particularly well if you’re playing in Bingo games with quieter rooms.

  • The Tippett Strategy

A British statistician, Leonard Tippet, suggested that, in a single 75-ball online Bingo Canada game, the more numbers drawn, the more likely it is that they will be closer to the median, or 38. The fewer numbers called, the closer they’ll be to either extreme, 1 and 75.

Tippet applies analysis to figure out if a Canadian Bingo game will be a short one or a long one. He says straight lines will be called in less time and games with more complex patterns will usually take a bit longer.

Best Play Practices

While we can’t guarantee that you’ll win each and every online Bingo Canada game that you play, we can suggest a couple of things to make each experience you have an enjoyable one with the best likelihood thereof!

  • Check the number patterns

Many sites have bigger rewards for more complicated patterns, like Z shapes. This is because they’re more difficult to win! Bear this in mind before playing these titles.

  • Manage your bankroll

Set up a gambling budget and figure out what sized stakes you can make to ensure it lasts for as long as you need it to. Don’t ever exceed the limits you set.

  • Pick rooms with fewer players

Although the jackpots in these online Bingo Canada rooms will be smaller because fewer people are contributing to it, your chance of seeing one is vastly increased!

  • Play a few cards at a time to spread your chances

When you’ve got more entries, it’s logical that you stand a better chance of winning. But let your bankroll set the rule for how many cards you play at once.

  • Play chat games

Not only does the social aspect vastly improve the fun of a game, but certain sites also award prizes to players taking part this way.

  • Read site reviews

It’s up to you to ensure that you’re playing at a properly licensed and regulated online Bingo Canada site like the ones we outline here. Stay safe by making Bingo reviews your first port of call when you’re playing online.

  • Read the Terms & Conditions before depositing

In the same way that you wouldn’t sign a paper contract before reading it in full, don’t ever skip the T&Cs before parting with your hard-earned cash.

  • Shop around for the right bonus

A good bonus can make a huge difference to the outcome of your game. And there’s a lot more to them than just the freebies they extend, so always read the fine print. That way you’ll know exactly what you need to do to be eligible for whatever’s on offer.

  • Start off with the low-value games/free games

This is a great way to get comfortable with an unfamiliar title before you risk real-money bets.

And then all that’s left is having a good time playing premier online Bingo Canada!

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