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A lottery is defined as a form of gambling involving the drawing of numbers for a prize of some kind. Lottery games were first recorded as Keno slips from during the Han Dynasty in China, and are believed to have financed major governmental projects such as the Great Wall of China!

Homer’s Iliad references lotteries, and they were used as dinner party amusements during the Roman Empire, so lotto games really do have a very rich heritage. Augustus Caesar is also supposed to have used lottery profits to fund repairs needed for the city of Rome.

The trend of using lotteries to fund important public works and charities has continued ever since, and still happens in Canada and many other countries around the world today. Lottery games can be played online with traditional organisations that still fundraise for such projects, so you’re doing a good deed as you take your chances at winning big.

If you’re playing at an online casino in Canada, the lottery games on offer can offer a welcome break from Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat or the other games that you’re enjoying, and they all complement each other well. It’s also a lot more convenient than having to buy tickets from your local distributor, and it means you never have to miss out on any opportunities to win, no matter how busy you are.

Canada’s Lottery Development

The first lottery Canada saw was in 1970, a year after the games had been legalised. It was called the Inter-Loto and took place in Quebec. Over the following years provinces and regions all over the country introduced their own versions and waiting to find out what the lotto numbers were was an exciting event for many.

There are 2 nationwide lottery games in Canada today: The Lotto 6/49 and the Lotto Max games. These are jointly operated by 5 regional lottery commissions, namely the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, Loto-Quebec, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation and the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

The national lotto games are administered by the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation, and each organisation also runs scratch card, draw and sports betting activities. Players in the British Columbia Lottery Commission and the Atlantic Lottery Commission also get to buy their tickets online, simply and conveniently, from their desktop or even their mobile devices.

Aside from being incredibly convenient, there are other advantages to being able to play the lotto online. First of all, you can set up a subscription so that you’re never caught in a situation where you’ve forgotten to buy your lottery tickets. You can also pre-set a deposit limit with a 24-hour delay before it lifts, to avoid overspending. Your spending is also tracked over the year, to help you make more responsible decisions.

Lotto 6/49

The Lotto 6/49 made history in Canada when it was launched in 1982, by being the first lottery in the country that allowed players to pick their own numbers. This idea became so popular that the older lottery games in the country were soon phased out. The ticket price has been raised a few times, in order to generate bigger jackpots that keep up with inflation.

The game involves drawing 6 numbers from a pool of 48, with a jackpot of at least CAD5 million. The 49th number is a bonus ball, which gives players another chance at getting enough winning lotto numbers to win big. If you have 5 of the 6 drawn numbers on your ticket, for example, and then you match the bonus ball number as well, you get the second-biggest prize in the Lotto 6/49 game. A Guaranteed Prize Draw is also held after each main draw, and awards a single player a guaranteed CAD1 million.

The many smaller wins that are possible in this game are also not to be discounted, but the biggest win in the history of Lotto 6/49 was something really special. Ticketholders in British Columbia and Alberta split CAD63.4 million 4 ways, which will no doubt inspire people when they’re buying their online lotto tickets and choosing their lottery numbers in Canada.

Lotto Max

This game replaced the Lotto Super 7 in 2009. It also uses a pool of 49 numbers, as the 6/69 does, but players get to choose 7. This raises the odds of getting a full ticket of winning lottery numbers. Matching 6 numbers rewards players with 4% of the prize pool, and if they match 3 they get a free ticket to use in the next draw.

Tickets are a little pricier in this lottery game than in Lotto 6/49, but here there are 2 sets of 7 numbers on each card. Players select one of these themselves, and the other is randomly generated. The jackpot is capped at CAD50 million, and any overflow is redistributed to more players via subsequent draws. Called Maxmillion Bonus Draws, these yield rewards of CAD1milion and make playing a little more equitable.

Owing to consecutive rollovers, there have been 2 occasions when winning lotto numbers in the Lotto Max game actually exceeded CAD100 million. In the first instance 18 winners became instant millionaires, while in the second 17 people won Maxmillion Bonus redistribution prizes and a single ticketholder won the CAD50 million capped jackpot. The remaining CAD33 million rolled over yet again, to the following draw, a draw which must have had all Canadians scrambling for tickets!

Try Your Luck in the Lottery Today

As the saying goes, you’ve got to be in it to win it, and while many people play the lottery in Canada and few people win, you don’t stand a chance of getting the life-changing winning lottery numbers right if you haven’t bought any tickets.

You can trust that any online lotto sites recommended here are completely secure and legitimate, so you can play without any concerns. If you fall within the legal online lottery jurisdictions in Canada we encourage you to add them to your online playing line-up today, and see what happens. You might just win enough money to change your life!

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