Big Break Scratchcard

I’ve spoken at length about many games and many casinos. In fact, you could say I’ve just spoken at length and I’ve said in the past that online scratch card games are not my favourite bunch. I prefer slots and roulette. However, I am somewhat excited to speak about the Big Break Scratchcard game and mainly because it’s got one of the biggest multipliers I’ve ever come across on an online scratchcard game. Microgaming released the original Big Break Online Video Slots game back in 2008 already so this game has been doing the rounds for a while. It’s a fun game and it has also managed to stand the test of time – the graphics still look good and the sounds of the waves breaking every time you spin are still pretty real.

Microgaming have lifted these very qualities from the slot and placed them perfectly in the scratchcard version. As I’ve often said, scratch card games are simple - very simple - but they can yield big wins and this one can really bring it home!

How the Game Works

Big Break Scratchcard is a 9-segment card game - in other words the game offers a massive square divided into a total of nine squares, three in a row. The artwork is very likeable and the surfer theme of monkeys, apes and gorillas all going for the surf is as comical and fun as it is amusing. Simplicity rules when it comes to scratchcard games and that’s also what makes these games so appealing. All you need to do is click on the blocks/squares to unveil the images underneath. Match three and you’re a winner.

Big Break has some really, really potent multipliers, making this the kind of game that if you get the biggest one, I would advise cashing out, popping that cork and booking that much yearned for vacation! Each simian in this game carries a surfboard and a different multiplier value. There’s also a canister of surf wax, or in this case, Munky Wax, and if you get this bad boy, you’ve got yourself a win powered by a multiplier of x10 000! You cannot demand more of a game than that.

Multiplier Symbols in Big Break

The Big Break Scratchcard games come with a total of 6 multipliers and pretty much covers the entire simian family. I don’t think there’s a species that they missed out on in this game – there’s even what looks like a lemur, although I question this one’s relation to, well, monkeys. Big Break offers the following multipliers when you get three of these symbols in a row:

  • The Baboon: x2
  • The Orangutan: x5
  • The Chimpanzee: x10
  • The Lemur: x100
  • The Gorilla: x2,500
  • The Munky Wax: x10,000

Play it at JackpotCity Casino

JackpotCity is the ideal online casino at which to enjoy a game like Big Break Scratchcards. It’s powered by Microgaming, almost exclusively, making it a specialist with this particular brand of games. It’s also an old casino, meaning it has a legacy and when you have a legacy in this industry you have everything that comes with it – trust, reliance, quality etc. Plus, there is the C$1 600 deposit offer which might be worth checking out.