Dolphin Cash Online Scratch Card

We don’t know about you, but Canada’s short-lived summers leave us hankering for extended do-nothing breaks on beaches blessed by tropical sunshine. Sadly, such thoughts must remain but daydreams most days, but that’s OK, because we’ve discovered that playing Dolphin Cash scratch card is the next best thing.

Like a day on the beach, it requires very little. As long as you’ve got the essentials, you are good to go. When you play this game, you can make a few minor adjustments to the settings, and then sit back, relax, and take in the oceanic sights and sounds that could result in fabulous payouts. Considering it has a RTP greater than 93%, it can help make that dream vacation a reality.

Play Up to 5 Cards

The scratch card playing area is to the right of the main Dolphin Cash logo, which shows one of the friendly mammals leaping up through a spray of shiny gold coins. The area has 5 separate rows, each of which can reveal 3 symbols.

If a row has matching symbols, you win the payout indicated. If those symbols happen to be dolphins, the column on the far right of the playing area will produce a multiplier so you get a juicier payout.

There is no need to play all 5 rows, although doing so offers a whole lot more action per round at the online casino we recommend. You can select the number you play, so if you want to limit yourself to 1, you can. To play all, select the Max Cards button.

You can also adjust the size of the bets you place. Once you have changed any bet settings to suit your preferences, you can select the Play button.

How to Play

Scratching the Dolphin Cash scratch card is as easy as could be. There is absolutely no requirement for frantic effort on your part.

To reveal the symbols, select each individual symbol-covering, or, even more simply, by selecting the Scratch All option. If you are feeling particularly lazy, or want to go mix yourself another piña colada, you can select Auto Play. The setting can be used to set the game to play itself for up to 50 rounds.

Seaside Symbols to Match

If you are familiar with casino games powered by Playtech, you will know that, usually, the graphics and animations are beautiful. We expected that of Dolphin Cash, and we were not disappointed.

It’s nowhere near as graphics-rich as the provider’s releases in other genres, such as slots, but the scratch card symbols are sure to hep you keep that dream of a seaside holiday alive. Plus, there are a few animations to add a bit more visual interest.

You will find the dolphin of the title, colourful coral, a red sea anemone, a nautilus shell, a conch peeking out of its shell, and a seagull that does not look anywhere near as evil as its real-life counterparts. Every now and again, a gold coin bonus symbol appears among the themed images. If it shows up while you are enjoying the fun at one of our favourite online casino brands for Canadians, you win an extra-special payout!

Reasons to Play Cards Online

Whether it is Dolphin Cash or another scratch card, playing them online is the obvious choice. For starters, you do not need to haul yourself to the shops to buy one.

They are compatible with mobile devices, so they are always accessible, and they are easy. What’s more, they are not made from paper and foil, so you are doing your bit to help save the planet. Discover this, as well as other fantastic casino games at Mansion.