Dr Love Scratchcard

Dr Love is a Microgaming powered online video slots game that was released back in 2011. The game clearly struck a chord because the silly and somewhat corny antics of this phony doctor have now been elevated into the realm of scratch card games. As an online scratchcard game Dr Love is simpler to play but still retains a high fun factor. I didn’t think I’d be saying this as I’ll be frank and say that online scratch cards are not my personal favourites. I find their simplicity to be such that I’d much rather play an online video slots game or a table game like online roulette. However, I can honestly say that I enjoyed the Dr Love Scratchcard game.

How the Game Works

Simplicity is key when it comes to a game like Dr Love Scratchcard. You’re not challenged and then again, you’re not supposed to be. And therein I would have to say, lies the appeal of an online scratchcard game – nothing is required on your behalf. All you have to do is sit back, relax, pour your favourite beverage and smoke if that’s still in vogue for you. Also, if you are going to get a little imbibed while playing a scratchcard game like Dr Love, do not and I say again, do not overdo it. It might be a simple game that involves nothing more than clicking on a series of squares – nine in total - but these games can fly by pretty quick and if you’re getting tipsy while playing you might find that you’ve dipped into your cash reserves! So the game functions in a really simple light. You’ve got a big square divided into 9 smaller ones, 3 in each row. All the symbols from the original online video slots game are there and all you need to do is click to unveil three matching symbols. Each symbol carries a different multiplier value starting off at x1 and moving all the way up to x1000!

Multiplier Symbols in Dr Love

Dr Love Scratchcard sports all the symbols from the original game except in this game they all serve as multipliers. This is essentially what makes this title quite explosive in terms of winning potential. In total there are seven symbols, and they are:

  • The Pink Clock x1
  • The Flowers x2
  • The Teddy x5
  • The Ambulance x10
  • The Nurse x50
  • The Heart x100
  • Dr Love x1000

As you can see, once you reach the ambulance, things can start to really change for your bankroll. Obviously in the ideal world you’ll get Dr Love each and every time, but then, this is gambling so while this is a possibility, don’t expect it to happen immediately - but then who knows? This could be your lucky day.

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