Football Mania Scratch Card

According to Shakespeare, no matter by what name you call a rose, its fragrance is as sweet. We can say something similar about the sport that supplied the theme for Football Mania scratch card, although we will not suggest what soccer players might smell like after a match.

Thankfully, there is nothing smelly about this easy-to-play, instant-win online casino game. Instead, it is a must for players who also happen to be fans of sport. You can play on computer or on your mobile device, anywhere and at any time you like. Wherever and whenever that happens to be, you can expect great visuals, fantastic functionality, and fair results, all thanks to Playtech’s top-quality software.

How Online Scratch Cards Work

If you are new to playing casino games online, you may be wondering how a scratch card like Football Mania works. Honestly, much like the printed versions enjoyed by players since the 1980s, there is very little to it.

Hardcopy cards require you to remove a foil-like coating from an area on which symbols are printed. This title is similar, but there is obviously no cardboard or foil involved. Instead, the playing area features 6 blocks, to the left of which is a circle. The circle will display a different image in each game, and if so much as one of the blocks you uncover contains the same image, you win the payout shown.

Choose Your Bets

Football Mania has simpler bet settings than many other online casino scratch cards. All you need to do before starting to play is decide what size bets you want to place.

To change the amount shown in the bet box, use the + and – buttons. You can choose an amount as low as 0.50, or as high as 10.00. The game has a RTP of 95%. Knowing this may help you decide how to bet.

How to Play

When you have set the amount you want to bet, you can select either the Play or the Auto Play button. The first simply lets you move on to uncovering the Football Mania symbols, while the second lets you set the online scratch card to play itself. You can choose how many games are played automatically.

If you want to experience the fun of scratching it manually, click or tap each of the blocks in the playing area. To speed things up, you can click the Scratch All button, which removes all the covers at the same time. This function lets you enjoy more casino games per session, so use it if you really want to pack in the action.

Sporty Symbols Abound

The symbols used in Football Mania complement the theme, which is also expressed in the main graphic to the left of the playing area. A packed stadium, above which hovers a blimp and a scoreboard, sets the scene.

The scratch card symbols include a player’s shirt, boots, goalkeeper gloves, goalposts at one end of the field, a referee’s whistle, and a gleaming trophy. Remember, you only need one symbol to match the one that appears in the circle to the left of the playing area to win the amount indicated on the symbol.

Experience the Action

Now that you’ve found out all about this great, football (or soccer) themed Instant Win title, try it out for yourself, and experience the easy fun, as well as the great winnings, it has to offer.

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