Gladiator Scratch Card

If you were impressed by the graphics and animations of Playtech's Gladiator Video slot, you’ll be just as enamoured with the scratchcard version. We know that the action in these casino games is kept pretty simple, but that's actually become one of the things that adds to their charm.

All it really comes down to is placing your bet and then waiting to see if you've won. When you have visuals and sounds as impressive as the ones here, as well as massive potential payouts, that's really all the excitement you need. Fast, fun and intriguing, there is no better way to win big in an instant.

How the Game Works

Like most of Playtech's scratch card releases, this one has a large square that is divided into 3 rows and 3 columns, to create 9 smaller segments. The main characters from the epic blockbuster are all there, including Maximus, Commodus, Lucilla, Juba and Proximo.

The background to card is a packed Colosseum, so you'll be cheered to victory just as the fighters were. All you need to do is place your bet, and then reveal the icon on each of the squares. You can do this yourself by clicking on each one individually, or click the “Scratch All” button to see everything at once.

These casino games are usually a lot easier than the Video slots are based on the same themes, and that is definitely the case here. The Gladiator slot is much more interactive than the scratch card, which means they work well for different situations.

If you want to lose yourself completely in the world of Ancient Rome, spin the reels of the slot machine. But if you need something a little lighter while still continuing to win, opt for the Scratchcards at your favourite online casino. You will notice some rousing sound effects whenever you win anything, which will add to the overall atmosphere.

With a betting range of C$0.2 to CS100, a top jackpot of C$50,000 and a theoretical Return to Player percentage of 94.6%, every player will want to and can afford to get into a little Gladiator action. To paraphrase one of the best lines in the movie, you are sure to be entertained.

Multiplier Symbols in Gladiator

Every symbol on the scratch card counts as a multiplier, which is another way that the action is simplified. When you see 3 of any of them in a horizontal and vertical line (diagonal lines don't qualify), your total stake will be multiplied by the corresponding amount, as follows:

  • The Colosseum: x1
  • The Face of Maximus: x2
  • The Face of Marcus: Aure x4
  • The Face of Proximo: x10
  • The Face of Lucilla: x20
  • The Face of Commodus: x100
  • The Silver Gladiator Mask: x5,000

As you can see, once you get 3 Proximos in a row, your bankroll will really start to swell. If you want to keep the gaming and winning potential going but you're very busy, you can activate the AutoPlay function in this scratch card. Play will continue automatically for 10, 20, 30, 40 or as much as 50 rounds, ad you don’t have to set your bets manually during this time.

Join In The Fun at

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