Kong – The 8th Wonder of the World Scratch Card

It isn’t every day that we get to review a game licensed by a big Hollywood studio, so when Kong – The 8th Wonder of the World scratch card, we jumped at the chance! The theme is obviously that of the 2005 movie about King Kong the giant gorilla, directed by Peter Jackson, and it comes to life in surprising and entertaining ways.

It is powered by Playtech, a software provider to whom regular players in Canada need little introduction, even if they are perhaps more familiar with its slots and other casino games. The graphics and sound are impeccable, just like the smooth gameplay, and the results you get are fair, as they are produced by a certified Random Number Generator. Whether you are a fan of the movie or not, this card is sure to keep you enthralled.

Adjustable Card Value

When we launched Kong – The 8th Wonder of the World scratch card, the value was set at 1.00. However, if you want to play with bets that are lower or higher than that amount, you can.

The card value controls let you choose an amount between 0.50 and 10.00. There are 6 blocks on the grid, and all of them are active in every game. To the left of the grid is a circle that, at the start of the game, displays the image you need to match to win the payout. You need to find only 1 matching symbol, rather than the usual 3, under one of the 6 blocks.

How to Play

Even with all its great animations and other effects, Kong – The 8th Wonder of the World scratch card is one of the easiest games you could play at an online casino we recommend for Canadians. The action begins when you click the Play button after choosing the card value.

A symbol will appear in the circle, and you can then turn your attention to the sepia-coloured blocks, each of which features a sketch of the monstrous main star. There are two ways in which you can remove them. One is to click each one separately until the hidden symbol is revealed. The other, which is the speedy or lazy way depending on how you feel at the time, is to click the Scratch All button. You won’t have the suspense of tackling each block individually, but it will make for faster gaming, which ultimately means you can fit a few more casino games into your session. You also have the option of using the Auto Play feature, so you can sit back and watch the game play itself.

Symbols That Pay Out

You will see some familiar faces as you remove the blocks on the Kong – The 8th Wonder of the World scratch card. The symbols include characters and more from the movie that was inspired by the 1933 black-and-white original, as well as the remake that appeared on cinema screens in 1976.

They include Jack Driscoll played by Adrien Brody, Carl Denham played by Jack Black, Ann Darrow played by Naomi Watts, King Kong himself (he also appears as the main graphic on the card), and a few dinosaurs. Every time you find an image that matches the one displayed in the circle and win, you will be treated to a scene starring that character. We were lucky to see a few of them, but the most impressive of all was the one in which the mighty gorilla featured.

Believe us, Kong – The 8th Wonder of the World scratch card is not a game on which you want to miss out. Feel the rush of playing it at Casino.com, a top online casino for Canadian players!