Pots O’Luck Scratch Card

The luck of the Irish isn’t limited to the land of shamrocks and St Paddy. Like many things, it’s available online right here in Canada, in the form of Pots O’Luck scratch card!

There is no need to try reach the end of a rainbow (we’ve tried – it cannot be done), nor do you need to go a-hunting for the little creatures known as leprechauns. This online casino game powered by Probability Jones software brings you face-to-face with a leprechaun with a fondness for stout, tobacco, and, if his shenanigans in a tangle of shamrocks are anything to go by, dancing jigs as well. We also discovered that, unlike the stingy little buggers of folklore, the gnome-like creature is quite happy to share his treasures with players.

Gameplay With a Difference

You might be wondering how different the Pots O’Luck scratch card can be to other games in the genre. After all, if you have played one, you’ve played them all, right? Wrong – and this is the one to prove it.

Whereas most of such casino games are played in the same way as their land-based versions, which is to simply remove symbol coverings in the hope of revealing matching ones, this one takes it further. Of course, you need to remove the stone-like coverings from the symbols of good fortune, as per usual. However, the more winning symbols you uncover, the more stone blocks appear – and you will also need to remove those coverings. Wins set off a chain reaction that could generate more wins, which could set off another reaction. You get the idea.

Bets That Suit You

The betting decisions you need to make when playing Pots O’Luck scratch card are not particularly complex. In fact, all you actually need to decide is how much you want to bet, as there is no need to select how many rows of blocks you want to play.

The bets can be set between 1.00 and 10.00. The minimum bet is ever so slightly higher than some of the other Canadian online casino cards we’ve reviewed, so if you are feeling a little hesitant, you should try out the game in demo mode first. You can always switch to CA$ bets when you feel a bit more comfortable with how it all works. Just so you know, it has a 92.7% RTP.

How to Play

A 5x5 grid takes centre stage against the backdrop of lush, green fields, shamrocks, the leprechaun, and a hazy rainbow. Once you have placed your bets and clicked the Play button, 9 stone blocks decorated with blue stars will appear.

Click each of the blocks to uncover the symbols it hides. If you find 3 matching symbols, you win the payout they offer – but that’s not all. 8 more stone blocks will then appear, and you will need to click those as well. If you find a 4th symbol that matches, yet another 8 blocks will appear for you to uncover. Finding a 5th matching symbol will win you one of the biggest payouts offered by the game. Depending on the image, it could be as much as 10,000x your total bet!

Symbols of Irish Luck

You are sure to be as charmed by the Pots O’Luck scratch card symbols as we were. They include fly agaric mushrooms, a smoking pipe, a green top hat, a pint of stout, a rainbow, a shamrock with 4 leaves, gold coins, the leprechaun’s smiling face, and a pot of gold.

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